Happy International Mountain Day 2018 | Theme | Facts | Quotes
19 July, 2019

Happy International Mountain Day 2018 | Theme | Facts | Quotes

Celebrate International Mountain Day 2018

Your words will take you places. Let’s just live by the words that we say, and what has to happen will happen, no doubt!

As for climbing up the mountain, it requires time, effort and strength and is altogether a complete task. Also, working your way up to reach the peak, it assures you a sensation of both victory and satisfaction that you are one of the few who made it up there and can now live the beauty and rarity of such a blissful moment.

Mountain Day Facts

Mountains are home for many and a place that brings peace and makes people realize that a life without luxury is even more beautiful.

international mountain day facts

It’s better to embrace and serve, rather than crib and cry about it. But certainly, this day probably passes by without you even knowing about it. Mountain Day is a Soulful celebration and total dedication to the mountains.

International Mountain Day 2018 Theme

11 December is designated as International Mountain Day by the UN General Assembly in 2003 to spread awareness about the importance of mountains to the people, to take an opportunity in highlighting the issues and so to bring positive change to the world’s mountains and highlands.

Every year, the theme related to mountains differ. This year, the international mountain day theme is “#MountainsMatter”. We need to step up and raise the attention of mountains, as it tackles a social movement for the people who live there.

Knock yourself out, use the hashtag #MountainsMatter on every social media platform bringing up the attention to all the mankind on how mountains matter the most.

Inspirational Mountain Day Quotes

international mountain day quotes

“It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves,” said Edmund Hillary

So Planning a trip to celebrate this day? Let us know on the comments below and share your stories using the hashtag #MountainsMatter + #OceanAirTravels


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