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No matter how many David Attenborough documentaries you’ve watched, nothing quite prepares you for the thrill of seeing real, untamed animals in the wilderness of Kenya. Trust me a Kenyan safari will be of little bit of sun, little bit of dust and little bit of smiles as well. You will watch the lioness and forget to breath, you will gasp in awe for the towering giraffes reaching for its leaves, yawning big wild cats stops your eyes from blinking.


If you have a wilderness explorer in you whose soul always aches to see Big 5, which refers to Rhino, Elephant, Leopard, Lion, Buffalo, a safari won’t fail to surprise you in all its ways it could ….Let me take you to a safari through these conservatories of wilderness.



Masai Meru National Reserve


The most remarkable thing about this reserve is “great migration”. It is the largest movement of animals migrating towards north in search of lush grass, which happens in between July and August, and their majestic return towards south in October and November is one natural wonder one can ever experience anywhere in the planet.


So if you want to witness the crossing, at times, we may need to devote full day for stalking them but still worth for an eye candy view to the herds of blue wildebeests and wavy zebras.



Amboselli National Park


One of the big draws of Amboselli is seeing wildlife with Mighty Kilimanjaro as its Backdrop.  This national park is considered to be best place to visit for its vast herds of wild African Elephants.


Amboselli is somehow a dusty place where you can watch funny-dusty baths of Zebras, Lioness playing with her cubs and also walks of ‘Queen-like’ Grey crowned cranes and many more creatures all in full merry.



Lake Nakuru National Park


This bird watcher’s paradise has small bags of acacia forest, one beautiful-little waterfall and a small number of gorgeous flamingos. This national park is the one of few remaining places where you can see White Rhinos and Rothschild giraffes.


The safari will gift with some rare and funny pictures of lions doing their stretching exercise in shades, playing baby baboons, Fighting impalas (African Antelope) and its iconic attractions-widest varieties of birds.



Lake Bogoria National Reserve


While taking an aerial view of this reserve we can see a pink cloudy thing moving around the lakeside and the tree-shades this is nothing but gracefully moving flamingos.


This will be a most striking view you can ever have. A cycling through the lakeside and picturing these ‘pinkish flames’ can make one’s entry into Bird Photography as well.  


The safe safaris through these national parks also provide Game Lodges where you can rejuvenate and charge up your cameras for next day.


While on a self-drive safari:


There will be rental cars upon your choice.


Keep aside your worries or fears once you are into these safaris they will never peep into your mind.

Drive slowly faster your ride more you miss, look around scan the bushes, stop at waterholes wait a while where animals come down for drinking  


Sometimes the views of playing baboons can be more exciting than a sleeping lion just enjoy whatever you came across.


While on Guided Safari:


A knowledgeable guide can make each game drive more interesting; he may share stories of each bush and wildlife you see the most advantageous factor of having a guide is his awareness about leopard sightings he may sense it by an alarm call of a bird or an animal.


The guide who hosts you will do all the driving so you can just sit back and relax.


Once Hollywood Actor Will Smith said “God visit everywhere but lives in Africa” no wonder to his words. Kenya with all its abundant wilderness of Africa has that divinity in its wildlife.   


The vast savannahs definitely have the touch of god, nothing but breathing the air of its wilder reserves will give you that indescribable sensations.


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