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21 August, 2019

Never miss out these Luxury things in Dubai

Everyone has one dream of trying everything at least once in life. The city of gold- the name says itself it has been proved that the city stops at nothing to achieve. Dubai has the most luxurious attractions in the world. Luxury comes with great pleasure when you are talking about Dubai. OceanAir travels is so diverse as the luxury tour packages give the best opportunity to explore. If you are rich enough to spend on Dubai luxury experience, then find your favorite luxury activities in Dubai.

1. Royal Desert Safari Dubai

desert safari dubai

Dubai luxury is all about being royal especially in the Desert.

You must try OceanAir Travels-Royal Desert Safari. Stay at the private Royal camp, live performance, adventure sports, and delicious food. Feel the royalty flowing between the oceans of sand.

2. Stay at Burj Al Arab

Burj Al arab

Nothing can be compared to a stay at the world’s most luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab, the iconic sailboat shaped hotel with a stunning view, private beach, open terrace with pool. Nothing can give you more ultimate luxury leisure experience than this.

3. Atlantis, the palm island

Atlantis the palm

Enjoy the lifestyle like never before. Atlantis, The Palm is a luxurious hotel resort and one of the known milestones for Dubai attractions. Atlantis gives the perfect experience with true magic of the lost city of Atlantis. Feel the complete luxury of floating land with a pinch of magic.

4. Sail Lavish Cruise


A luxurious private yacht is fun and adventurous. One of the favorite activity is to sail on a cruise in the gulf water. Imagine sailing and relaxing under gleaming moonlight with a melted silver glow all over on calm water, this is what luxury feels like.

5. Private helicopter

If you are rich enough to take a private air charter or helicopter, then Dubai has got the most fabulous view. Explore Dubai in unique style with the thrill of catching a glimpse of the Arabian Sea like never before.

6. Shopping at ‘The Dubai Mall’

dubai mall

If you are crazy about shopping and your key to happiness is shopping, then Dubai has so much to offer you. Shopping at the Dubai Mall which is the world’s second largest mall and most visited retail outlet with over 1300 retail and more than 200 food outlets. Dubai has earned the tag of ‘Fashion capital’ of the Middle East.

7. Ride your dream car Faster

luxurious car

For most people luxury is Speed, Supercars and when it’s come to supercar Dubai has the most exotic cars in the world. Experience the feeling of driving your dream Supercar.

8. World’s richest race

Dubai World Cup is the most expensive horse race in the world. The event appears so luxurious and huge, so spending huge amount is totally worth it. Live one of the most exciting horse racing events and memorable experience for a lifetime on the Grand finale night at Dubai World Cup.

dubai activities

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