How to make Money while Travelling
15 July, 2019

How to make Money while Travelling

It was 2011 when I first planned to quit my job and decided to travel. I was inspired by a lot of travel bloggers. I must say I was totally fascinated by their photos, videos and thrilling stories from corners of the world.

Everyday I receive calls and messages from my friends telling “OMG! You are so lucky” and “How you find time for trips?”  “Who is paying me for traveling” I completely understand their anxiety.

When looking from the outside, it may look like I am always on vacation, traveling to many unseen cities, mountains, beaches, adventure destinations – but behind the scene, there are a lot of things.

Let me tell you something. I am not lucky or I am not venturing the world by somebody’s expense as you think. The answer is simple. I work!

I mean I’ve turned my passion into my profession – Travel blogging. When I just started my blog, I earned a little income in the beginning. I didn’t leave my confidence and finally I found it worth.

For your information, there are a variety of opportunities to make money while traveling around the world.

Travel photography


Travel photography

Sometimes you fall in love with the surroundings you have been to. Or you even get goosebumps when exploring the unseen photography spot. Have you ever thought of sharing this to the world?

Get ready with your camera and bring nature’s magic into the frame. Post your creativity on social media. If you have a nice amount of passionate followers, you will end up receiving a lot of queries and will be surprised in seeing your pictures on high demand.

Also you can sell pictures to tour companies, magazines, publications, editorials and brands.

Blogging and Vlogging



Exactly what I am doing! I didn’t even think it would finally end up being a crucial change in my career path. Many travel channels are my clients now. Travel websites need content and I have enough stories as well as experiences to share.

Remember one thing; You should carefully choose the type of audience you would like to read your blog.

You must have heard about Roman Atwood, Zoe Sugg, Lois Cole, Ben Brown – these guys are making millions of dollars a year just by Vlogging.

Videos with great contents get a lot of likes, shares and subscriptions and if it goes viral, then you are lucky enough to succeed!

Work remotely



Yes, you may be able to earn full time income even if you are traveling. Though the idea of quitting job sounds heroic, I know it’s definitely not possible for everyone. And you don’t need to be.

If your position permits you to work remotely, then make necessary arrangements with your team head now itself.  

I’ve seen many who are doing same, able to earn and explore wherever they plan to.

For your information, many entrepreneurs are taking the benefits of remote workers with a WiFi connection.

English Teaching – Abroad/ online


English teaching

Do you have enough confidence to be a good teacher. These kind of job opportunities are in plenty. Just apply for the English teaching job, you will be really surprised by the number of interview-calls you attend.

You can even teach online from your computer. There is a high demand for online teaching through Skype and other platforms. It’s a great way to develop yourself.

Saving is also a part of earning and I did this a lot to make money while traveling. Find cheap and safe accomodation, food and avoid unnecessary travel expenses. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your comfort and convenience.

With perfect planning and little creativity, there is nothing between you and your dreams.


Tinker Tales

Tinker Tale is a Travel writer by profession, and traveler by choice. She loves to write her own travel tales of adventure and the places visited. Her only motivation to keep on writing travel diaries is through Work, Save and Travel.

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