List of Top Countries Best Known for Medical Tourism
15 July, 2019

Top Countries best known for medical tourism

Many people around the world are seeking quality health services at a much lower rate as with the continuous upsurge of health care costs, especially in the most developed countries.

“Medical tourism is one of the brand new trends of the contemporaneous health industry. According to the CDC, (Center for Disease Control and prevention), this refers to traveling to another country for medical care”

There are many countries that have developed extensive health care facilities with minimal cost, reducing the financial burden on patients.

Studies reveal that around one Lakh US residents travel abroad for medical care each year.

Check out the best countries for medical tourism in  2019 where you can get that routine surgery, facilities and health services made possible for a much more reasonable price, comfort and satisfaction. Read on to find out more about these healing destinations!



Brazil is one of the top destinations in the world for people looking for cosmetic treatments. Being a hub of cosmetic and plastic surgery, Brazil offers high quality cosmetic and plastic surgical services at reasonable rates, attracting more and more health travelers to the country. According to Patients Beyond Borders, approximately 300,000 foreign travelers went to Brazil last year for cosmetic surgeries. Brazil owns a dedicated healthcare industry which is the best of its kind that you can find in Latin America.

In addition, the cozy weather and relaxing ambiance of this beautiful land allow people to recover while enjoying their personal privacy. The Ivo Pitanguy Clinic in Rio De Janeiro has performed more cosmetic treatments than any other place in the world.



The lovely landscape of Turkey invites people around the globe for the best medical care methods especially for cardiac, cancer and orthopedic care. The country is also known as one of the leading places for eye treatments in the world.

Laser treatments for vision are also quite popular in Turkey because of the affordability provided by the hospitals in the country.

Turkey’s famous hospital Group ‘Dünyagöz’ runs many eye care centers in the country and is popular among foreign patients. Approximately 30,000 medical tourists visit the country every year from 100 countries around the globe.



Malaysia is one of the most health care friendly spots for medical tourism. With a large English speaking population in the country, many Americans consider it to be the perfect land for medical care. Malaysian hospitals offer cheap alternatives for fertility treatments and more than half a million medical tourists visit the country every year. Malaysian hospitals are well known for burn treatments.

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IndiaMedical Tourism India

Being the land of Ayurveda and yoga therapy, India attracts medical tourists around the world. Tourists from many countries such as the Middle East, Canada, and the U.S visit India for cost-effective medical treatments especially in fields of fertility, orthopaedic, cardiac and oncology problems and organ transplants. The medical tourism in India is known for its zero waiting time, which means that after the initial diagnosis of the disease, the surgery will be performed without further delay. Anyone can use the website to find out the accredited hospitals and to find out the steps on how to plan your trip to India.



Thailand has always been one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world.the country mainly focus on beauty surgeries and is well known for inexpensive plastic surgery. There are around 44 JCI accredited hospitals in Thailand, and recently, it has granted visa exemption to the nationals of the countries that belong to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

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These are the top places to visit for medical tourism for those who look for quality health care treatment with lesser cost.

Do check out these countries before you go for medical tourism.


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