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15 July, 2019

Top 8 Most Romantic Cities in the World

Life is beautiful with romance! This emotion that is special to all of us is what makes us live better! People say romance makes a couple forget everything. Your days become brighter and moments ecstatic. So what if you elope to that distant place where romance is in the air and all you speak is in the language of Love!

Let us find out some places that best suits you for a lovely romantic date! The most romantic cities in the world  are,

List of Most Romantic Cities in World

Rome, Italy

romantic holiday destinations

A majestic land, a dream paradise for thousands of couples, the city of Rome is indeed the other name for romance! Who doesn’t want to enjoy a romantic date at this eternal land and wake up to its sunrises? Fly to this fairy abode hand in hand with your loved one, stroll along its streets and throw coins into the Trevi fountain together. Share a special scoop of gelato with your better half and relish in the romantic waves of the Italian capital. Never miss the incredible artworks of Borghese Gallery before you leave this city.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius Lithuania - romantic place

The beautiful Vilnius at  Lithuania is one of the most ravishingly alluring romantic gateways of the world. The gleaming baroque architecture along with delicate cobblestone alleyways make this a perfect spot to spend a lovely romantic vacation with your partner. The exquisite historical landmark Vrkiai palace enables you to witness picturesque landscapes of this paradise. Uzupis, the Bohemian artsy welcomes the art enthusiast couples with an open heart. So what are you waiting for, just book your tickets and gift a surprising holiday to your love!!

Paris, France

Paris France

Paris is undeniably one of the most romantic places to spend a lovely holiday.This scenic spot of exceptional beauty makes you delve into the romantic nostalgias of the 19th century and you won’t dream of a comeback from this paradise. Take your time to stroll along the Seine river and witness the gleaming late night glimpses of Eiffel tower. Sail through its 324m Parisian with a glass of pink Champagne and treat yourself amid the numerous golden lights that always shines.There is no romantic escape, once you are at this dreamland.

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

The most romantic city on Earth, Venice awaits you with charming bridges and fascinating beaches that you won’t find anywhere else. Experience a wonderful time amid the narrow lanes of this fairyland where life is way beyond magical. The numerous canals with gondolas, those cruise ships and some less traveled side streets everything is blissful at this Italian land of palazzos and piazzas. Feel the triumph of joy as you pass through those routes between Rialto bridge and Piazza San Marco. The romance seemed to be filled up in every nook and cranny of Venice and as the name suggests, this land is a must visit heaven for lovers.

Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou China

Known as the honeymoon capital of China, Hangzhou is a romantic idyll. Located on the attractive West Lake, this town stands unique amid the top romantic locations of the world. Being the native land of touching love story of the past “The Legend of the White Snake” this place entice newlyweds to its shore. The settings of this beautiful love tale is a truly magical spot to visit as the Italian writer Marco Polo quotes “In Heaven, there is Paradise; on Earth there is Hangzhou.” You can live out every romantic dream you have in the relaxing ambiance of Hangzhou. From Mountains to lakes, parks to pagodas, this land has a lovely landscape for a truly romantic date.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina

Get lost in the romantic gateway of Charleston, that resides amid the alluring beauty of Cobblestone streets, Antebellum homes, sandy beaches and leafy oak trees. Explore this land together and fall in love again. Visit Felix Cocktails et Cuisine on King Street and it’s beautiful outskirts and enjoy your romantic moments together.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

You can call San Miguel de Allende of Mexico ‘The City of Love’. This colonial-era city of unbelievable historic charm is a land of exquisite sculptures. Walk through the city’s eye-catching art galleries such as Fábrica La Aurora and let your love flourish in this city’s highly artistic surroundings.

Florence, Italy

florence Italy

The home to Italian Renaissance, Florence is Italy’s delighted land. Have that most romantic date in the tranquility of this city with a walk through the majestic Arno river. Witness a romantic sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo, that overlooks the terracotta-roofed cityscape with a 360-degree view of the multicolored Duomo cathedral. The city that is embellished with captivating architectural masterpieces will for sure make you people fall in love once again. Don’t leave Florence without a romantic dinner at its sidewalk café. Order a bottle of wine, enjoy the delicious  Italian cuisine and celebrate your moments under the rapturous night sky.

These cities are indeed the true romantic gateways of the world and never miss a trip to these romantic cities for a lovely holiday with your special someone.

Grab your tickets and just fly to these romantic getaways !!!

The planet is Yours!!! And let’s celebrate love !!!

most romantic cities in the world

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