5 Best Places To Visit in the World Before You Die
15 July, 2019

5 Best Places To Visit in the World Before You Die

There used to be a time when the activity of the expedition was not as manifold as we see it today. The travel options were limited and the execution was mostly mundane. With the advent of social media, many new intriguing tourist spots have cropped up on the tourism map and many hidden travels gems have been discovered. But there are some celebrated travel spots that are invariable; irrespective of the changing travel trends. Here is a list of such most visited countries in the world that has remained wanderer’s favorite and records high influx of tourist every year.


best places to visit in the world,There is a famous saying that ‘every person should visit Paris once in his/her life’ and rightly so. Paris looks like a piece of heaven that fell on Earth when myriad lights illuminate the city in the night. The city which has served as an inspiration and stage for numerous artistic movements such as Renaissance, Impressionism, Expressionism, surrealism and so on is a Mecca for art lovers. The Louvre Museum in Paris has the largest collection of celebrated artworks and is incidentally the most visited museum in the world. The Eiffel tower, the iconic landmark of French capital that stands towering over the city is the most visited landmark in the world. The Notre-Dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées, Palace of Versailles are some other prominent attractions in the city.


best places to visit in the world,London has enjoyed the status of being the most glamorous city since ancient times. The city, adorned with Gothic architecture flaunts quaint buildings, extravagant fountains, sprawling gardens, lofty boulevards, and magnificent palaces. The city has always been a hub for philosophers, artists, writers, scientists, kings and queens and many other remarkable human beings.

Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace are the prominent cultural icons of British History. London is also profuse with historic landmarks such as the Tower of London, Hyde Park, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Covent Garden and the list goes on. The pleasing weather of London is an attraction altogether, the little spells of rain every now and then make this city delightful.

New York

best places to visit in the world,Unarguably one of the biggest cities in the world and one of the most visited too. The Statue of Liberty, that stands towering over the entrance of New York city, welcomes globetrotters to her shores with open arms. The Times Square area in the city is a melting pot of world cultures where you can see people from diverse cultures and languages coexisting and celebrating their life in peaceful pandemonium.

The Brooklyn Bridge is another structural wonder that amuses the tourists in New York; the 149-year old suspension bridge connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan offers a panoramic view of the city’s iconic skyline and the placid East River. The Central Park that stretches in the heart of the city proffers shade and solace to travelers.


best places to visit in the world,There are many compelling facts that make the city of Istanbul distinct and travel worthy. The most interesting fact that makes this Turkish city unique is that it lies in two continents- Europe and Asia. The city had a prominent place in the ancient Silk Route, that connected the West to the East. Istanbul was named ‘European Capital of Culture’ as it has retained the traces of its golden old days intact. The marvellous city also houses one of the world wonders- Hagia Sophia. The sublime edifice was formerly built as a Greek Orthodox Christian Cathedral and was later altered by Ottoman rulers and made into an Imperial Mosque.

The structure belonging to the Middle Age is now a museum where you can relish the artifact and architecture of Muslim and Christian influences. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Bosporus, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar and Basilica Cistern are few other alluring attractions of the city.

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best places to visit in the world,The name Dubai is synonymous with entertainment, celebration, and liveliness. The Emirati city which was a desert outpost is now a sprawling metropolis, hosting over 15 million visitors every year. The tallest building in the world –  The Burj Khalifa is undoubtedly the most crowd-pulling landmark of Dubai.

The 160-story steel wonder embellishes the skyline of Dubai and the view of the city from the heights of this colossal building is awe-inspiring. Burj Al Arab, Palm Islands, Dubai Marina, Dubai fountain are some other architectural wonders of this bustling city. You can also discover the rich culture of the city in places like Dubai Creek and even at Desert Safaris.

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Traveling is such a rewarding activity, it enlightens you and makes you richer with wonderful experiences. Add these cities to your travel bucket list, pull your socks up, and make sure that you roam through these aforementioned places at least once in your life.

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