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21 August, 2019

My Ultimate Gastronomic Experience in Italy

I am always happy when I am eating. I love being a foodie. Food is the most favourite thing in my life as it feeds my soul. Without it, life would be boring. All my vacations throughout my life are remembered through the dining experiences I had. I take all my journeys as an opportunity to try out something different.

I got a chance to savor the Italian culinary at its best on my last Italy vacation. From my very young age, I have been told that it is the culinary delight that makes a country famous. So it was my longterm wish to taste all the Italian flavours and while I did that, my taste buds and olfactory nerves were out of my comfort zone. Here are a few awesome culinary experiences that surpassed me. Italians have three main meals throughout the day.

Let’s start with the first meal of the day.

Breakfast or Prima Colazione


Italians don’t really eat a big breakfast though it is the ‘most important meal of the day’, according to many specialists. To be honest, I have never seen an Italian eating a heavy breakfast. Even, I happened to know that most of the Italians are breakfast skippers. In most of the restaurants and homes, you’d be offered some cookie-like rusk hard bread (fette biscottate), croissants, toasted bread with nutella or a choice of jams, cereal, pastries and yogurt.

For a complete feel, Italians drink Caffè espresso (espresso coffee) which is added to the menu. I had to choose between Lungo (larger coffee), Caffè Normale (normal), Ristretto (short), Macchiato Freddo (with cold milk), Macchiato Caldo (with hot milk), Tazza Bollente (hot cup), Al Vetro (in a glass cup), Macchiato Con Latte Di Soia (with soy milk) and Schiumato (with milk foam).

Another option is Cappuccino which is also an important part of the Italian breakfast. Here again, options are different: Cappuccino Scuro (dark: you don’t see the milk on the top), Chiaro (pale: milk covers the top of the cup), Al Vetro (in a glass cup) and Con Zucchero Di Canna (with brown sugar).

Lunch or Pranzo


During the short time I lived in Italy, I got to know a unique approach to lunch that went beyond my imagination.

Most of the people here goes for lunch between 12:30 and 14:30. On some special occasions, especially for business meetings lunches can be extend to hours with Dining and discussions.

Main course is usually a two course meal: First course aka Primo includes normally a dish of fresh pasta, rice or something starchy.

Italians love eating meat or fish for second Piatto (2nd course). This is served with Contorni (side dish) vegetables ( vedure) or salad ( insalata).

All these delicacies usually wind up with some delicious Italian wine.  



It is better to classify this meal as

  1. Starter (antipasti) i.e the food served before the meal
  2. First course (The primo): options are pasta, soup, rice or polenta
  3. Main course (The secondo): usual choices are chicken, meat or fish preceded by   rice or pasta.
  4. As side dish (The contorno), a large plate of vegetables are served.
  5. And to finish it off, they use something sweet like cakes, ice creams etc..

I think everyone should treat themselves to a fine dining experience at least once in a lifetime. According to my experiences, Italy food tour will definitely serve to be the best!


Olivia Mary Jones

Olivia Mary John is a wanderlust soul since 2011 when she jumped out of her office cubicle and decided to travel across the globe. For her, a journey is something more than merely seeing the sights. She travels to experience, learn and immerse herself in different cultures. Very much passionate about her trips, she loves to share her experience thus making your travel plans more accessible and enjoyable.

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