7 Mysterious Places On Earth You're Not Allowed To Visit
21 August, 2019

7 Mysterious Places On Earth You’re Not Allowed To Visit

Our planet has got so many spectacular destinations to explore and you might have every fortune to rove around the world. But, there exist certain places on Earth that you cannot even have a glimpse even if you are wealthier enough. Have a look at some of the most mysterious places on Earth and miss out the awe-inspiring experience of being there!

Let’s explore the Mysterious Places On Earth

1. Poveglia Island (Italy)

Poveglia Island

The region was primarily recognized as a quarantine colony. Being one among the forbidden places on Earth, this is entirely an unsettled isle assumed to be haunted by the spirits of plague victims.

2. Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion (Ethiopia)

Lady Mary of Zion

The church is home for sacred biblical objects and original Ark of the Covenant. Only a specially preferred monk has the liberty to enter this church. This persists as an unexplored destination on Earth since it is open only for just one person occasionally.

3. The Vatican Secret Archives (The Vatican City)

vatican city church secrets

This historic archive of the documents of the Catholic Church is only open for the Pope and a few scholars. These documents are considered to be confidential and thus The Vatican Secret Archives became one among the unexplored places on Earth.

4. Niihau Island (Hawaii)

Niihau Island


The Isle of Niihau is the westernmost and seventh largest of the State of Hawaii. The visit to this island is limited to the relatives of its inhabitants, US Navy Personnel, Government officials and invited guests in order to conserve its indigenous culture and wildlife. Thus, the region is eventually turning out to be one of the forbidden places in the world.

5. North Sentinel Island (Andaman Islands)

North Sentinel Island, Andaman

The North Sentinel Island, an archipelago of the Andaman Islands is one among the mysterious places in the world. The Sentinelese, inhabitants of this island are the group of people who have resisted all forms of communication with the outside world. They are the world’s most isolated people making the region as the forbidden island.

6. Lascaux Caves (France)

Lascaux Caves

Lascaux is a complex of caves situating near the Montignac town of France. The caves are home for Paleolithic cave paintings since decades. It is estimated that around 600 parietal wall paintings cover the interior walls and roof of the cave. The cave has been closed before the public in 1963 as the excessive number of visitors, carbon dioxide, heat and humidity have caused damage to the paintings and other components of the cave.

7. Mezhgorye (Russia)


Image Credits: Mezhgorye Wikipedia

Sprawling in the heights of Ural Mountains, Mezhgorye is a small town that is entirely closed to the public. The region is believed to be a nuclear missile site having automatic missiles that can be activated unexpectedly. The town is protected by two armed units to prevent visitors to the town.

Seven of these destinations remain as the forbidden places on Earth whereas every passionate traveler would definitely wish to have a visit. And, yeah! It is really hard to realize that something unexplored is still going to remain as unrevealed sights for us; the wanderlusts!

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Mysterious Places On Earth

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