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21 August, 2019

New attractions to cross off your UAE bucket list

Everything is great about the United Arab Emirates! The country, especially its cities both Dubai and Abu Dhabi were always in the top list of World’s best destinations to live. UAE continues to amaze and surprise the whole world with its innovative projects and high-class developments. Keeping in mind, the potential of global tourism, most of the tourist attractions in the UAE is created for adventure seekers and culture vultures alike.

The architecture of Burj Al Arab and Palm Islands will leave everyone awestruck during UAE sightseeing while Burj Khalifa and Dubai Frame will take you to tower heights. Always making records by breaking the existing one, there is no hindrance in Dubai rising to the top. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s new? Browse the below list.

Dubai Safari Park


Dubai Safari Park

Covering around 1.2 square kilometres in Dragonmart at Al Warqa, Dubai Safari Park is a wildlife project which is expected to be open in the coming February. With a vision to being one of the top five zoos in the world, this park houses over 2500 animals belonging to 200 species. This massive Zoological Park is divided into 5 different zones:

Safari Village

In this section, guests can take an open safari in a specially designed vehicle accompanied by professional guides. Offering close encounters with an exotic animal population including Zebras, baboons, deer, cheetahs and water buffalos, guests are actually transported to the jungles of Asia and Africa.

African Village

This zone is set up for African wildlife treasures from the African elephant to a small meerkat. Main featured animals are Pygmy hippos, Chimpanzee, Gorilla, African lion, okapi, Flamingo, Antelope, and Lemur.

Arabian Village

Well arranged with sandy deserts, rocky mountains and lush meadows, there will be an impressive line up of flora and fauna on display. Main highlights are Ostrich, Oryx, ibex, Arabian Golf, Saiga Antelope and Gazelle.

Asian Village

When you enter in Asian Village, you can spot from Moon Bears, Gibbons, Komodo Dragons to a variety of reptile species and birds.

Wadi village

This is a place to relax during your journey by enjoying dining in any of the restaurants that have a wide range of choices. Of course, Dubai safari park has not forgotten kids as they house kids farm – an ideal platform where little ones can connect to nature and Wildlife. A lot of work has still gone into this park to include more attractions along with improving existing ones.

Aladdin city

Inspired by the legendary story of fictional characters Aladdin and Sinbad, Dubai came up with Aladdin city located over the Dubai Creek. The city that spans over a total area of 110,000 square meters features three golden towers (appearing much like giant genie lamps) connected by air-conditioned walkways. This 3 towers with 33, 24 and 25 storeys houses offices, hotels and restaurants along with vast parking space. And the attached bridges, which are designed in the shape of lizard and dragon, add more mythological inspiration to the city. This mega project is expected to be complete at the end of 2018.

Dubai Crocodile Park

Outstanding natural and safe sanctuary for hundreds of crocodiles, Dubai Crocodile Park is constructed in resemblance to those in France. Other than just entertainments, visitors can see and learn the complete lifecycle of these massive creatures right from egg laying, incubation, hatching too early life and maturity. Though there is a wide variety of crocodiles are growing, the star attraction is the Nile crocodile, which is the largest freshwater predator in Africa. With careful utilization of renewable energy plus natural resources along with smart waste treatment plans, the park gives an eco-friendly habitat for these reptiles to live and reproduce.

The Crystal Lagoon

In the middle of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City, the construction of the largest artificial lagoon in the world (Forty hectares) is undergoing and is expected to become reality by the end of this year. Using sustainable energy resources and other technologies, the lagoon is a true resemblance of Caribbean styled lagoons with beaches, swimming pools in addition to water sports opportunities. Surroundings of the lagoon are covered by luxurious area consisting of residences, green parklands, waterways, shopping and dining amenities, and is more embellished by 237 meters long sandy beach.

Abu Dhabi Aquarium

One of the newest landmarks in the capital city, Abu Dhabi Aquarium located in the Khor Al Maqta area is the largest Aquarium in UAE. The park that spans around 150,000 square meters is designed to beat the underwater zoo and aquarium in the Dubai mall. Park includes a family entertainment centre, a cinema, mini yachts, a vast dedicated zone for indoor and outdoor sports activities, furnished apartments, picnic areas, walking paths connected by bridges, cycling and running tracks, shops, restaurants and cafes. Along with this, there is parking space with a facility to accommodate 3000 vehicles. For sure, this is going to be one of the interesting places to visit in the UAE with family.

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi


Presenting all important art treasures of our time, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi showcase underlined connection modern art i.e cross a cultural source of inspiration and transcultural exchange. The key feature of the museum is a big glass atrium with four galleries connected by bridges.

With many exhibitions, educational programs,  and scholarly publications, the museum provides the public with a long history of arts. Moreover, many live performances programs including panels, lectures, music recitals, symposia, movies, which will definitely give a deeper understanding of contemporary artistic practices.

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are not a place that you visit once and tick it off from your travel bucket list as every year cities are shocking the world by more and more attractions. If you are lucky to enjoy a vacation here, experience all these must-visit attractions of the UAE and make the most of it.

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