Old Dubai - ‘a time travel to the past!’
21 August, 2019

Old Dubai – ‘a time travel to the past!’

There are places in the world endowed with an abundance of cultural and historical elements even in this modern era. While talking about this ultra-modern Dubai needs a special mention. Apart from inspiring skyscrapers and posh shopping malls and entertainment amenities, Dubai still retains its precious old world charm with historical sites and traditional cuisine. For a complete unique Dubai experience, read on how an old Dubai city tour can be deeply felt to your heart ’s content.

Dubai Creek



Birthplace of Dubai, the Creek is one of the oldest destinations of Dubai sightseeing tours as it gives a clear picture of the authentic life of the city. This area acts as the border between Deira and Bur Dubai. From fisherman to merchants, this seawater creek was once a trading hub of Dubai that has later turned into a well-known metropolis. As you walk along there, you will see old-fashioned buildings, retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, and cafes. One of the best ways to immerse in the wonderful ambiance of the Creek is to take an Abra water taxi ride (wooden boat used for transportation during olden times). Also, the serene waters of Creek plus colorful Dhow cruises amplify the beauty of this place.



Spice Souk

For an authentic shopping experience with good bargaining opportunities, you should head out to Gold and Spice Souks, even though the city has many shopping malls. Glittering gold Souk displays a wide collection of gold jewelry and gemstones with various designs like traditional, modern, sturdy or delicate. This makes it the most treasured place for ornament lovers. You can find a long array of spice souks showcasing colorful spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, chilly, turmeric, saffron and lot more. In addition to this, the Spice Souk sells various herbs, rice, nuts and dried fruits.

Al Bastakiya Quarters


The Al Bastakiya Quarters lets you experience the Old Dubai lifestyle and culture to the fullest, keeping you away from the hustle and bustle from the crowded streets. Visitors can see so many beautifully preserved traditional Arabian homes with barjeels (ventilation), carved wooden doors and wooden lattices. These were once the residences of rich merchants during olden times. Today, the quarter features many art galleries, retail shops, boutiques, and cafes.

Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Museum


Dubai Museuem

Located close to the Bastakiya area, Al Fahidi Fort is probably the oldest building in Dubai. With watchtowers, the iron-studded door at the entrance, huge walls, and gates, the fort was used for the defensive purpose during wartime. Later, it was used as the seat of government, then as the ruler’s residence, weapon warehouse and finally as a prison. Today, Al Fahidi Fort is home to Dubai Museum, which depicts the city’s heritage and culture in an understandable way. Showcasing exhibitions including paintings of mosques, traditional Arab households, Souqs, and desert life; the museum tells the story of Emirates history and tradition.

There is a long traditional Dhow at the center of its large courtyard, which once was said to be used by villagers to cross the creek. It also showcases the villages with old modelled houses and souqs, small dhows made from tree trunks, a collection of weapons(swords, pistols, daggers) and pieces of jewelry. Moreover, a section of the museum is dedicated to displaying musical instruments (flutes, drums,lyres and more) used during the festive occasion of olden times.

Al Fahidi Fort

Dubai Heritage Village


Heritage Village in Dubai takes visitors to a trip back in time to Old Dubai before the skyscrapers and other majestic structures came in. It mainly focuses on the city’s past and traditional activities along with several traditional shops and handicraft stores. Heritage village recreates the tented Bedouin settlement with old weapons, chests, and household utensils. One can also experience some of the city’s heritage from pottery and weaving workshops, visit a coffee house or a small souq.

Heritage Village

That’s not all, your old Dubai activities will only be completed with a delicious culinary experience from any of the restaurants that offer authentic Emirati Cuisine.

As the city’s legendary past is strongly evident from every corner of Dubai attractions, you are getting familiar with not only a city but a country which has evolved from wealthy traditions and hard work.

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