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19 July, 2019

Wanna Enjoy One Week’s Vacation in Thailand..?!

Glistening like a gem in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a paradise ranking high on every traveler bucket’s list. While picturing about Thailand, one’s heart will be flooded with images of pristine soft sandy beaches bathed in sunlight. However, the country is not just about beaches. Spending a week in the country will introduce you to tons of activities, wonderful sights and scenic landscapes that will definitely rekindle your soul. Just 7 days to experience the country is certainly not enough, but here are some important places you should not miss.

Option 1

Day 1- 2: Bangkok


Thailand Vacation Itinerary


Arrive at Bangkok International Airport and get ready to explore Bangkok as this capital city is a great introduction to the country. Start with a visit to some important structures exemplifying historical as well as spiritual significance and craftsmanship of the country.

This includes:

Grand Palace –This palace is divided into two: Temple of Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaeo) and the royal residence. The palace ground consists of the inner, middle and outer court. Even though not occupied by the Royal family, this place still hosts royal as well as religious ceremonies. The grand splendor of 100 buildings within one structure makes it a must-visit place.

Temple of Bangkok – Wat Triamit temple, constructed during 13th – 14th century i.e during Sukhothai dynasty, is famous for the huge golden statue of Buddha. Wat Benchamabophit temple houses Marble Buddha, which bears a combination of Thai and European architecture.

Experience a whole new shopping experience at Floating Market of Bangkok. Stretching through an area of 100000 sqm, this market spans   4 sections such as Northeast, North, Central and South of Thailand; boasting stalls, souvenir shops and eateries. Cultural performances of these four regions are conducted here which are completely mindblowing.

Take a boat ride along the markets to witness the Thai styled structures and to get acquainted with the riverside life of local people.

End your Bangkok dairy with a delicious Thai culinary experience from a fine restaurant.

Day 3: Safari World & Marine Park


What is a trip to Thailand without visiting its animal treasures? On day 3, make a trip to the Safari World and Marine Park. This Zoological Park is divided into two main parts – the Safari World and Marine Park. At the Safari World, capture great sights of wild animals antelopes, camels, gazelles and rhinos wandering freely in their natural habitat. It also houses pelicans, ostriches, cranes and many other bird species. Another key attraction that you will feel more thrilling is the African Lions and the Bengal Tigers, which are protected in a specially made space.

Your second session is at the Marine Park, housing plenty of marine animals such as Tapir, Walrus and some tropical birds. For making the ambiance more vibrant, Orang Utan Boxing show, Dolphin Show, Sea Lion Show and Bird shows are arranged.

Day 4-5: Chiang Mai


You will be at Chiang Mai in day 4 and 5 of your vacation. See many aspects of the city as you stroll around its old and modern attractions. Wonder at the culture and history of old temples such as Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Wet Chet Yot, and Wat Suan Dok. Drive around the old city to see the ruins of ancient city walls. Visit the bustling Worarot Market, the largest central market in the city. From here, you can browse for fresh fruit varieties, tinned food items, clothing, colorful flowers, spices, and other household goods.

Day 6-7: Pattaya


Thailand Vacation Itinerary


In the penultimate day of your tour, travel to Pattaya to experience the star attraction of Thailand, the Beaches. After 45 minutes ride from the city, reach Koh Larn also known as Coral Island. Spend the day by imposing coral reef, crystal clear water and serene ambiance.

You can also try your skills at plenty of watersports such as jet skiing,speedboat riding, parasailing, snorkeling and more. Enjoy toothsome dining from any of the seaside restaurants. Also, take a glass bottom ride to view see the incredible coral formation.

On the last day, board a flight back to your home destination.

Option 2

Day 1-2: Bangkok


Spend the first 2 days of your Thailand trip in Bangkok. Start exploring with a visit to Grand Palace. This palace consists of around 100 buildings constructed in Italian and authentic Thai architecture. Visit the key features of temple including Wat Phra Kaew Temple of Emerald Buddha, Royal reception hall, Royal Funeral Hall and Royal Pantheon. 

After that, rejuvenate yourself in spirituality and visit Wat Pho or Aslo also known as the Temple of Reclining Buddha, Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn.

While in Bangkok, make sure to visit the Shopping malls including Central World. Enjoy the ultimate shopping experience in Bangkok. This massive complex has plenty of luxury shops, supermarkets, best class Theatres, restaurants and more.

Siam Paragon: If you are after trendy items, then Siam Paragon is the place for you. It has a lot of luxury brands as well as dining amenities and bars.

Continue exploring China Town which is the Heaven for food lovers. Wander around alleys and streets, which are teeming with street vendors, markets, stalls, and restaurants. Soak up the scents and flavors of the city as you savor a variety of dishes.

Day 3: Ayuttaya


On this day, take a day tour to the famous temples of Ayuttaya such as Wat Phra Si Sanphet (the most important temple in the city and is a part of ancient Royal palace ruins), Wat Mongkhon Bophit, Wat Yai Chai Mangkol and Wat Phanan Choeng (best known for its massive statue of sitting Buddha).


Thailand Vacation Itinerary


See the incredible image of Buddha head resting in roots of Banyan tree at Wat Phra mahthat. Also visit the wonderful summer palace of King Rama IV where you can see a fusion of Thai, Chinese and Gothic architectures.

See the incredible image of Buddha’s head resting in roots of the Banyan tree at Wat Phra Mahthat. Also, visit the wonderful summer palace of  King Rama IV where you can see a fusion of Thai, Chinese and Gothic architectures.

Day 4: Khao Yai National Park


Your 4th day is in Khao Yai National Park so that you can enjoy the flora and fauna of the country. In Thai culture, elephants astounding strength, longevity, and power are celebrated throughout. And there are many sanctuaries across the country to protect these giant animals of which most famous is Khao Yai National Park. You will get the chance to encounter exciting wildlife including Asian elephants, black bears, gibbons, and deer.

Wonderful landscapes like mountains, grassy fields, forests, lakes, and rivers give you ample photo opportunities. If you are adrenaline junky, there are options like jungle hiking, safari drives, game viewing and many more.

Day 5: Phi Phi island


Thailand Vacation Itinerary


On this day, you will be heading to Phi Phi islands; a group of six small islands. With tropical beaches, amazing rock formations, blue waters and colorful marine life, Phi Phi is ranked high among country’s holiday destinations. This place is famous for its role in the movie “The Beach”. The island welcomes you to vibrant nightlife, breathtaking diving, and exciting rock climbing. Enjoy a delicious lunch at an Island hotel and refuel yourself by relaxing on the beach.

Day 6-7: Pattaya


The last days of your trip will be more thrilling as you are in Pattaya – a city that offers its visitors something out of blue to cherish forever. Hop on a speedboat to reach the enthralling Coral Island, also known as Koh Lann Island. Take a dip in serene blue waters or simply relax on the white sandy beach. If you want to try some more adventurous activities, then go for parasailing, deep sea diving, water scootering, water skiing and jet skiing. After enjoying a tasty seafood lunch, board a glass bottom boat to get the amazing view of the coral reef.

Ride up to the top of Pratamnak Hill or Big Buddha Hill, where the Wat Phra Yai Temple and big Buddha statues are situated. From there, observe the panoramic views of the city. Stop at ‘Gems Gallery’ to see a rich collection of high-quality gems at a reasonable price.

At last, head back to your home with beautiful memories.

Option 3

Day 1-2: Bangkok


Bangkok trip will be much like in the options 1 and 2 as you will be visiting important temples, palaces and markets of the city. Additionally, you will visit the most colorful and vibrant part of Bangkok – Khao San Road. Home to street markets, party avenues, guesthouses and bars, this is an entertainment place to spend your evening.

Or, if you want to breathe some fresh air and relish in a tranquil atmosphere, go to Lumpini Park. Simply relax by listening to music or enjoy some leisure activities like exercising, playing games, reading books and so on.

Day 3: Chiang Rai


Thailand Vacation Itinerary


In the third and fourth day, treat yourself to the eye-feasting atmosphere of Chiang Rai. Visit the impressive white temple aka Wat Rong Khun. Soak up in the unique ambiance and stunning artworks of this contemporary temple.

At golden triangle (the spot where borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet), you have the opportunity for cruising along the Mekong River to Laos Island. Continue to the border market, where you will see many souvenirs and handicraft items.

Day 4-5: Kanchanaburi


On day 5, travel to Kanchanaburi to get acquainted with its legendary past and breathtaking culture. See the bridge running over River Kwai, Jeath War Museum and the War Cemetery, where you will learn about the incredible story of World War II. After this, take a ride on Thailand– Burma Railway or best known as ‘Death Railway’. Pray for a while for thousands of forced laborers who lost their lives during its construction.

Next day, drive to one of the famous national parks in the country, Erawan. There is a cool fresh water stream running through the lush jungle forest. Marvel at the beauty of 7 different levels of waterfalls.You can enjoy the time there hiking along the cascades or jumping. Visit the Erawan Museum famous for its statue of the giant Triple Headed Elephant. See the representation of the universe in Hindu mythology from its 3 sessions: the Underworld, The Earth, and The Heaven

Day 6-7: Pattaya


On the 6th day, go for a city tour and enjoy a trip to Coral Island on a concluding day (as mentioned in Option 1 and 2). Return home with some cherishable experiences from the country.

Knowing precisely what to expect before your trip will surely help you in experiencing each and everything in this wonderful country in a perfect manner.



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