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15 July, 2019

Try out the Best Outdoor Adventures in Dubai

Didn’t think much, just went with the flow and bought the tickets for skydiving. Sitting in the helicopter was the moment of insanity, racing heartbeat, throbbing fear, and mixed emotions. I just remember the word “Jump” and everything went blank, my mind was empty…….And rest was the moments of unbelievable seconds, which no other words could fill in the place.

This is how I saw the adventurous Dubai and now let me brief you about how you can see the unseen Dubai!

It’s Crazy But Jump!  Skydiving



Even if you have done skydiving in Waialua, U.S.A. and had a breathtaking experience; doing this adventurous sport in Dubai is going to be the utmost stimulating ride of your Dubai travel itinerary. Thinking about why it is so? The answer is so apparent, it’s because not many get the adamant chance to skydive above the world’s largest man-made island – The Palm Islands.

Let the driving force of doing-the-daring turn into a golden star in your memories.

Pop Up Like A Bubble!  Flyboarding



Those who have an eye for doing the unusual and taking up new challenges, then the next thing to try is the fastest and galvanizing Flyboarding experience in Dubai. The futuristic private water spot at Jumeirah Harbor gives you a mini ‘superman’ experience with a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. This sport is all set to strike off one of the prime item of your bucket list with the ‘mission accomplished’ satisfaction.

If you are an adventure crazy person, then you should surely include this sort of sports in your ‘Dubai vacation planning itinerary’.  Be a dolphin popping out of the water and grab the thrill of a lifetime.

Dive with Mr. Sharks!  Shark Dives




Have you ever wondered how it’s going to be while diving with the worlds ultimate predator Mr. Shark? Seeing straight to the eyes of the 750-pound lean muscle, 300 razor sharp teeth of the most extensive collection of Sand Tiger Sharks in the world is going to be one in a million experience.

Dubai Mall Aquarium is here to bring alive your dream to dive with ‘Mr. Shark’ in the depths of 10 million liter tank. Even if you are not a certified diver, you still can enter this world.

The Freezer World!   Ski Dubai Snow Park


Ski Dubai Snow Park


How cute is it to see the penguins, especially while they walk. Get the adorable chance to see the ‘MARCH OF THE PENGUINS’ from the colony of Gentoo and King Penguins, here in Dubai.  Feeling curious why would I include this in the adventure column of the blog? Relax! The best part is just about to come.

Visiting the Ski Dubai Snow Park, you’ll get to try so many adventures like the Ski Slope, Snowboarding, Chairlift, Snow Bullet, Ski School and more in the shades of icy climates along with the chance to interact with the little ones – ‘penguins’.

Ready For The Trust Fall? Bungee Jumping



Define gravity with a leap of 50m drop from the Dubai Gravity Zone. See the world around you, like a bat hanging down a tree! An incredible, adventurous opportunity to mimic Bungee jumping from the exact location of the ‘world record break’ of the most number of 151 leaps in 24 hours of time. If you are above 14 years old and are weighing below 120 kg and is not pregnant nor having a heart condition, then this is your call. Go for it people!

Let dunes do the talking! Desert Safari


DESERTSAFARIYou might have tried doing roller coaster rides from the mighty top but how about doing that from the land? Come on! You are going to have an irreplaceable trip of your lifetime. Dune bashing is such a sport which is sure to get your journey happening. The 4X4 Land cruiser ride of Arabian desert adventures is waiting to be explored and believe me, you must grab on to survive this amazing ride.

The desert adventure doesn’t get limited to dune bashing, but you can also try sand boarding, henna painting, Falcon experience, stay in Bedouin camp and many more. This one-day Dubai red dunes safari is surely going to calm your craving of experiencing something new.

Dubai is stepping up every time to bring something new and exhilarating to be the all-around tourist destination. With these escapade activities, trips to Dubai is going to be even wider. The main part of the journey is the happiness it offers while it is shared with your friends, family, and other loved ones. The screaming, howling during the ride and the smile on the face after the ride, the pictures captured of your fearless act is going to make your life, worth the while. During this vacation, push yourself to the limits with a wide range of adventure sports offered here.


Sansa Miller

Sansa Miller is a writer whose life revolves around travel and adventure. She believes in taking up quests and pushing herself to the limits to grab on new things in life. Even after coming from a conservative culture, she is breaking stereotypes and building a new path for other women from her community to follow. Life never stops her from taking bike rides with her best friend to the unknown. Her ultimate goal is to be the living example of Christopher McCandless, whose biopic book and movie "Into The Wild” acts as her Bible. By airing her ink, she wants to amaze her readers and induce a novelty thought in them. The path leads her to the unseen and the world experiences it through her words.


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