Place To Visit in Georgia for Fun

Things to do in Georgia for Fun

“What makes Georgia a little charm?” is a frequently asked question. Since Georgia is packed with many things to do and see, it is very difficult to provide an exact answer. There are many attractions that add grace to this paradise like land.   For some it can be the vine yards, wine or tinted balconies and for a few it can be the heavenly scenery, the renowned hospitality, tasty food etc… All these features make Georgia an apt place for fun and thrill hence this small piece of world is very persuasive for its visitors. If you love Georgia and would like to read about the main attractions of this country, then this article is for you!


Places to visit in Georgia

For a city tour, romantic capital of Georgia, Tbilisi will be the best. Known for hiking, trekking and sightseeing this city with a mix of modernity and traditional serenity offers a wide variety of interesting activities. Now, if you are someone who is looking for hiking then your iconic destination is going to be Kazbek. The beach lover in you will find the luxuriant black sea coast of Batumi as an ideal place to relax. One of the must visit place for the romantic hearts is Signagi otherwise known as the “soul of Georgia’s wine valley”. If you are a thrill seeker then Chiatura cable car drive is going to be one exceptional experience for lifetime. Your love for history and art can be quenched by visiting the David Gareja monastery which is known for medieval architecture, mural paintings and frescoes. Last but not the least visiting the most renowned cave monastery- Vardzia is going to be a surprise for you in million ways



Mtatsminda Park

Looking for a place to roam around with friends, lover or yourself? Then you must go to Mtatsminda Park (Bombora Park) which is located on the top of mount Mtatsminda.  From here, you will get the best views of Tbilisi city and Caucasus Mountains. There will be many engaging activities like Drop down ball, small carousels, horror house, driving small cars, jumping into the water from boats, shooting games etc. And that is not all about it, for adrenaline seekers, t the roller coaster in the extreme zone and the big Ferris wheel is going to be a huge surprise. When one feels dead beat by the activities and games, you can walk in to the fancy restaurant where you will not only get lip-smacking dishes but also a perfect view of Tbilisi city.



Sulphur Bath and its Benefits

Who won’t love to relax in a hot spring that will take away all the pains and aches? The answer will be almost everyone! Sulphur baths, the natural hot springs of Tbilisi is therapeutic as it is high in sulphur and other minerals. Sulphur bath is inseparable from Tbilisi’s history and tradition. Everyone in this place, be it Visitors or locals, love to spend their time here relaxing in the hot springs, enjoying dinner parties  etc.. It is learnt that a regular soaking in the bath will cure skin diseases, arthritis, detoxifies the liver, increase immunity, normalise the glands functioning, regulate blood pressure, refreshes mind and many more. In short, the bath brings you the result of an exercise without any strain.



Important dishes in Georgia

Nothing is better than eating good food and relaxing, right? When in Georgia something that you cannot miss is the authentic Georgian cuisines.  This is one such place that will give you the best and most aromatic dishes. The diversity of Georgian food has to be explored and is only possible if you travel from east to west. You can’t visit Georgia without trying khachapuri, luscious boiled beef brisket (khashlama), stewed lamb amid vegetables and spices (chakapuli), meat barbeque (mtsvadi), spinach and greens stuffed pie (pkhlovani), buffalo matsoni, Pasanaurian khinkali, pelamushi and fresh Kakhetian churchkhela.

The list of the must try dishes of Georgia, will go like tender, cheese in milk-and-mint sauce (gebzhalia), different varieties of greens mixed with walnut sauce (pkhali), boiled samp with cheese (elarji), super spicy Megrelian Ajika, borano (Ajarian omelette) and lasagna with cheese (achma)…If you are that kind of person who loves cooking, then you can ask your host to help you in preparing authentic Georgian cuisines. It is going to be a great idea and whole new experience since you can bring the aroma of Georgia to your home!


If you feel Georgia will stuff your eyes with wonder, leave you speechless and make you a story teller, you are not wrong!!


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