5 Important Places To Visit in the UAE During Ramadan
21 August, 2019

5 Important Places To Visit in the UAE During Ramadan

In the month of peace, love, charity, brotherhood, and sacrifice, the whole world comes together to unite all differences. And that’s the specialty of the Holy Month of Ramadan, which comes as the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, where Muslims observe fast and prayer to mark the revelation of the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad. During the Ramadan fasting hours, others provide great support and strength to keep this month a purified one by not smoking, eating food or drinking alcohol in front of the observants of fast. But don’t you worry, as many restaurants will be open for the non-observants but with a pull-down blind to respect the beliefs of the observant. Getting to feel the warmth of Ramadan in UAE, especially in Dubai will be one of a kind experience for all.

The spiritual waves fill the place and it’s the best time to know more about the culture, religion, and heritage of Islam. Here are the 5 important places to visit in UAE during this Ramadan, to absorb the best out of the month. All the below-mentioned destinations are open during Ramadan but the timings might have some variation.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque:

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the largest mosque in the country. With the open door policy where anyone can visit the mosque, tries to blend the cultural diversities with knowledge. The place hosts three Guinness World Records namely the biggest chandelier, the largest hand-woven carpet and the largest dome in the world. Over 1.2 million people visited the mosque during the last year Ramadan, so the expectancy is at a rise for this month. The mosque offers a peaceful mind and atmosphere that compliments the state, because of which Ramadan fasting hours 2019 will be in the best hands if its spend there.

Blue Mosque’- Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque

Blue Mosque in Dubai City

When everyone irrespective of their religion sits together, in front of the food offered, brotherhood shines brightly in the Iftar to break the fast they had begun before the sunrise. Giving keen notice to ‘Adhan’ (call for prayer) is a magnificent lifetime experience for many. And being in the midst of chanting prayers, it would surely give a unique experience for tourists around the world including the non-observants. And this is going to be the best opportunity to learn about Islam and Ramadan.

Quranic Park

Visiting Dubai during Ramadan 2019 is packed with the latest attraction, Quranic Park. It provides visitors with the knowledge and chance to know more about The Holy Quran.  The park offers a link between cultural communication of different religions with comprehensive intellectual information. The park constitutes an Islamic garden, Cave of Miracles, Glass House, Umrah corner, areas for showing the miracles of the Quran, an outdoor theatre, children’s play areas, fountains, a cycling track and many more. The 60-hectare park houses all the available plants that are mentioned in the Holy Quran.  The place is equipped with all that’s required to know more about the religion.

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization embodies more than 5,000 artifacts of the Islamic world. The first ever Sharjah Islamic Museum was opened in 1996, later which it was moved and reopened in 2008 to the present destination. The museum includes manuscripts, scientific instruments, calligraphy and many more, which is exhibited in seven thematic galleries. These priceless Islamic artifacts are collected globally and is a one-stop destination to absorb more about the religion.

Al Badiyah Mosque in Fujairah

Towers and Al Badia Mosque

Al Badiyah Mosque is known to be the oldest mosque in UAE; believed to be built in 1446 A.D The mosque is also known as Ottoman Mosque and is built with mud and stone. It consists of four pointed domes with an internal pillar. One will get to see the decorative rugs made from palm-leaf plaited matting and the arranged Qurans inside the mosque. Move to the past and feel the ambiance of how people prayed in the exact location where you are standing.

Creeds sprinkle the love for humanity, and Ramadan is one such month that elucidates the beauty that’s stowed in the religion of Islam. Spending this Ramadan in UAE will surely add more colors to the generosity of mankind.places to visit in uae during ramadan

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