PUBG: You Will Never Believe These 7 PUBG Places Actually Exists 😱
19 August, 2019

You Will Never Believe These 7 PUBG Places Actually Exists

You wake up every day to rush to the battlefield, your team looks up to you for victory, the guns you load and reload, the leadership you show, you get wounded, touch the ground, but stand up to be the surviving team. Ah! Having the life of military personnel is not so easy. When you are not just the sole terminator of four destinations but it lets you travel there and escape to another dimension is a double victory.

Don’t be puzzled about this situation; I am talking about the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS or the highly celebrated game, ‘PUBG’. But what if you and your squad can visit this virtual world in real life? When you are traveling to the place you love and the place you survive are proportionate, then how great this can be? Let me ease your job and present to you the 7 PUBG real places on Earth to be explored!

pubg real life places

You have 4 different maps in Classic mode that takes you to four different virtual worlds, namely Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. Where you either play player vs. player shooter game in a solo, duo or a team of 4 members and the last team or the last man standing wins the game, I mean have a lavish ‘Chicken Dinner’! So, let me brief you about ‘bringing PUBG world to the real world’ in the following sections:

1. Ruins Or Htukkanthein Temple: Sanhok Map

Unlike the tortoise running in the race, one should be very fast when you land in Ruins to search for the guns. Even if the gun you get in hand is not your favorite, still you should keep it, because no one knows what awaits you in Ruins. This location is taken from the real-life place, Htukkanthein Temple in Mrauk U, Western Myanmar. Htukkanthein is built with the dual purpose of being a fortress and a Buddhist temple.

Ruins Htukkanthein Temple Sanhok Map

The place is a feast of bullets and hidden enemies. Don’t go in the open space because snipers are lurking for the perfect shot. Get to the central dome to see the engineering marvel of the place. Do click some amazing photos in an auto-rickshaw in front of this PUBG Sanhok in real life.

2. Shelter Or Nuclear Weapons Feodosia-13: Erangel Map

Players who want everything to be planned and want to fill their bags with resources and then want to move for the action will be landing on ‘shelter’. People who are like-minded will be hiding in the small twist and turns in the underground battlefield. You may find a lot of medical kits and bullets, but every step should be kept in uncertainty.

Shelter Or Nuclear Weapons Feodosia-13 Erangel Map

Shelter as the game shows was the storage house of nuclear weapons in Feodosia-13, Kiziltashskaya Valley.  Built-in 1950, as per the requirement of the USSR, the place was used for assembling, storing nuclear devices, replacing the ones out of expiry date and many more.

Shelter Erangel Map

Like in the game, the location is in the midst of mountains to avoid any damage if something went wrong. But after the collapse of the USSR, all the nuclear weapons got transferred to Russia, thus leaving the place abandoned. Visiting this specific Erangel real location is a bit of a hurdle due to its placement.

3. School Or School In Chernobyl: Erangel Map

If you are looking for a loud start then its best to prefer the School in Erangel map. Don’t stay too close to the windows or be in the open field, as you are being watched at every step. This place is a treasure of resources, but it’s best to stay close to your squad. There is a big basketball court and a swimming pool that has been taken directly from the real-life place of Chernobyl.

School In Chernobyl Erangel Map

The abandoned school of Chernobyl, where Azure Swimming Pool, the indoor swimming pool in Pripyat, Ukraine, was drastically affected by the Nuclear disaster that took place on 26 April 1986. This is a famous destination for snipers. Being the central location in the map, if you have an 8x scope, you will be lucky to zoom to any direction. 

4. Sosnovka Military Base Radar Or Duga Radar: Erangel Map

Sosnovka Military Base Radar

If you are all set to claim the high-tier gear for yourself and is a ninja in sniper shootings, then landing in Sosnovka Military Base will be a topnotch decision. The radar antenna, which is present in the northwest offers a great 360 degrees view. You don’t have to be an excellent climber but precision can get you to the top.

Duga Radar Erangel Map

Even though the military base is full of action, you can survive the 30 minutes drive if you are clear on where to pick up the weapon and then climb the radar antenna. But don’t try to climb up the original destination from which this place was inspired, Duga Radar. It was used in Soviet missile defense early-warning radar located in Chernobyl. The radar was so powerful with about 10 MW at situations. 

5. Sosnovka Bridge Or Howrah Bridge: Erangel Map

When you get four cars for the squad, then either you race after marking a point in the map or you block the bridge, that’s an entertaining part of choosing PUBG Erangel map. This is a common way to get a lot of kills. When the blue circle is somewhere in the Sosnovka Military Base then for sure people will use the bridge unless you want to swim or use a boat, and blocking the roads with two cars will leave many victims to the situation.

erangel map places

There are two bridges in Erangel map and its fun using a barricade right? Sosnovka Bridge has been taken from Howrah Bridge of West Bengal, India. This bridge links two cities namely Kolkata and Howrah. Yes, for sure you can’t climb on the bridge nor block it in this real life, but you can try transiting through it. 

6. Mylta Power Or Ukraine Nuclear Power: Erangel Map

This is one of the safest locations to land on, the Mylta Power station because its a wide area and if you are dressing according to the location such as not dressing so bright with black and red colors, then you have huge chances of cheating the opponents.

pubg real places

If you are a Mini14 lover, then this place houses a lot of it. The power station is similar to Ukraine nuclear power ground. This also depicts the Chernobyl disaster that occurred on 26 April 1986 at No. 4 nuclear reactor, Pripyat. PUBG rewinds the place before the accident and lets people enter the restricted area, giving a high shot from the roof area.

7. Bhan Or Sai Ngam Banyan Grove: Sanhok Map

Being in the spawn island before the game start is so much fun. You throw apples or snowballs, get a lot of flying kisses from the male members seeing your avatar, they dance for you and some like me even warm up in the island by doing military squats or beat up my teammates. One such warm destination is the Bhan, we do our balance check by running through the top and can also find candies there.

sanhok real place

It is also a heavy destination of loot. I can recall killing around 14 people at a strike and thus this place has become my favorite one. Sai Ngam Banyan Grove is a very famous tourist destination, which seems like the trees have come alive as a ghost and are waiting for your entry. The banyan tree grove spans around an area of 1,350 square meters. If this map is your favorite one, then how can you miss out visiting the Sanhok real place?

For the traveling addicts who are caught up with their routine and the gaming ninjas who always call for action, PUBG is surely an all-round platform for both of us. And who knows, we might team up in the future PUBG games.

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