Qasr Al Watan - The New Cultural Landmark Opens to Visitors
19 July, 2019

Qasr Al Watan – A Unique Glimpse into the Palace

‘A brand new cultural landmark opened its doors to the people’.

Qasr Al Watan, ‘Palace of the Nation’ is now opened for everyone who wishes to learn history of the UAE with a complete insight tour. Presidential Palace is the home to the formal office of the President, Vice President and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. Currently. It is the meeting place for the UAE Cabinet and Federal Supreme Council, to be the highest constitutional authority in the UAE.

Also to celebrate the cultural heritage of the UAE , the Presidential Palace was opened with the decision made by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

presdential palace abu dhbai

I have always believed in fate as it is said, “If you want something enough and your heart is pure with patience then wonderous things can happen for sure”, and today it bought in action that my dream came true.

Not being the resident of the UAE but I have been visiting quite often for my business meetings and stuff but have always dreamt of entering this beautiful palace, Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi. Every single time when I drive past this place, it makes me want to visit this place and explore its beauty. I always wished and wanted to live my life to the fullest and guess what, someone really managed it by giving a blow to the thought!

Stepping at the entrance of Presidential Palace gave me such a royal feel of delight and excitement. It is hard to believe, but this exquisitely crafted Palace has now been ticked out of my bucket list as I’ve finally managed to walk around this elegant masterpiece.

Let me take you around the Palace, but before that, you need to know that this masterpiece is open from 10 AM to 8 PM only.

You stroll in from the white dome and then hop into the bus that takes you to the main entrance of the Palace. The drive could take just a few minutes while you can gaze the amazing passenger garden surrounded with blooming flowers.

qatar al palace abu dhabi

On arrival, I was asked to purchase a ticket for Dh60 (per person) and was excited in seeing the door itself! It was huge and elegant that added the perfect and classy touch to it. You got to agree, ‘Love at first sight’, feels are real for me now. I was spellbound looking at the spectacular designs crafted on the walls with the merge of graceful colours that shook me from top to toe.

From there, it is a relaxing tour to the Presidential Palace that drives past the glimpse into the UAE’s vibrant artistic legacy. It has an in-depth insight for the visitors to learn the Cultural, Scientific and Intellectual patterns crafted as a tribute to the regions of Arabian heritage and artistry.

Qasr Al WatanGet packed-up in the House of Knowledge strolling the East Wing filled with artefacts and some rare manuscripts that highlights the contribution of Arab people in the field of Science, Arts, Literature and Humanities. Definitely, it is not my type but this got me scrolling each block with lots of enthusiasm, anxiety and excitement!

For more details visit the official site

Qasr Al Watan abu dhbai

I feel this has to be the best decision of the government of the UAE to open such an astounding piece of wonder for people to communicate globally. The West Wing is open to educate visitors and make the world know more about how the UAE was formed and about the country’s ruling too. The luxurious halls, usually meant for State visits and Global meetings are now open for the visitors to have a glimpse of this Presidential wonder!

This tour is definitely a bang for your buck. So start packing now and get to know more about the culture and heritage of UAE.

al watan abu dhabi

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