Going on a road trip: 14 Funny Expectations vs Reality

An egg can set a world record and you can’t even plan a perfect road trip. My Zindagi (LIFE) is ruined by Instagram, as the idea of travelling in reality never matches the expectation of what you’ve been reading about those exotic places to travel. To be more precise, all our plans from a road trip expectation can come true only in the movies and not in real life.

But I’m happy with all the trips that I make, but it still happens that I get somewhere and say to myself: This is not how it was supposed to be! Let’s give a toast to our real-life adventures.

Normally, road trips are meant to be exciting and happening, we plan to do hundreds of things like heading to the mountains for a weekend full of friends/ family, with wide-open roads, new places to discover, take some selfies along the way and go live on social media feeds to share the moments of joy with everyone, taking  halts at stunning spots to enjoy the scenery to the fullest – plenitude of expectations and what not! But how many times the trip has turned out to be a smash? Maybe we can give in a thought about this condition.


Why not list it down and find the faults responsible?

Here are some 14 amusing examples of expectation vs. reality on a road trip. Check out, how many came true during your last trip and if you are familiar with these problems, you’re not alone. Let’s break it!

Spill thru fantasy – A drive to remember

Expectation: The way to the open road is often a bumpy ride, but a road you will be glad you rode nonetheless. Have a peaceful drive and do not give in to road rage.  

Calm and collected is what you should be. You won’t get sick of driving 20 hours a day at all.

Reality: Your road rage is worse than ever. Someone cuts you off, you become a beast and flip out to your worst being.

What the Weather


What pleasing weather out there! Seems to have an amazing adventure ahead as you leave your place.


Hitting back; weather looks just worst than a bummer. You have a horrible drive through the road, heavy rainfall and snowy paths that make it even as terrifying as you drive-in.

Person to Navigate road = to nap


Assigning somebody (friend or family member) to navigate the roads is a classic strategy to help the person who is driving so you won’t get lost and enjoy hassle free ride.

Reality: Co-passenger enjoys sitting next to the driver but a person like me could never be asked to be a human navigator.

Truth is, we get lost anyway because falling asleep in the front seat is what the co-passenger does every time when asked to lead the road or either get confused with the map. That’s really annoying.

Treat to ears


Any road trip is incomplete without Music.

Sing along without caring about the people and rule the playlist taking over the control of the radio to play your favourite songs.

Reality: Plays some decent music if the windows down.

You care what others would think and so the windows are rolled up and we are good to go!

Quite an Artist


Every trip has that one friend who is a photographer or videographer.

Click 100+ pictures and expect to get tons of A+ qualities of memory with the gang.


Shocking and unexpected unreal photos are captured, that’s blurry, dark or even worst and the videos are shaky with bad audio. Moreover, the selfies are your mate but with some ghostly looks. The struggle is indeed real bro.

best road trip planner

When you’re gazing in for a perfect meal


Important ritual to be followed before starting the road trip, you need to google up for some famous and awesome local eateries along the way or even pack some nutritious snacks for ahead of time if you ache from hunger.


A long drive always has a shift of plans. Tiredness and extra miles drive is a lazy act, so you end up landing to the McDonald’s Drive-Thru or grab some wrapped litters left in the car. Plans never work here.

Distraction is the mother of Time


It’s always said Eyes on the road.

Stay focused on your driving and hands-on steering, not to miss the lanes and streets. Rock the directions.


Snuggling of partner, phone calls, piss, you just name it. Okay! Call by nature is just fine.

Not that you should skip eating, be on calls, but the reality is you will never escape from being distracted even with a pinch.

Dude let’s beat the look!  


Hit a fire on the road by your super cool driving.

Finally, the driving has also let you under control with smart looks.


Do you think that’s true?

Looks is what matters said many, but do I really care about it? No, I’ve got the driver’s license dude!

So what do you think?

No Honking rules


Road trips are expected to be hassle-free. No traffic, no honkings!

A peaceful trip is a way to perfect drive.


It’s frustrating; you get cut off from other vehicles, you break the rule of no honking and become a monster in real.

Also, I start using combos of curse words that you may never know existed.


Game of Trip Duration


Not to Plan a road trip with multiple stops. You can cover up the time by googling before you start the trip to avoid the traffic as to save some time but also you get an exact duration of the trip.


Road trip expectation turns you into a devil. You think of smooth driving, finally realizing things such as ‘toll booths’, ‘police checkings’, ‘tyre punchers’; these add more time to your plan. I know it sucks!

To Travel is to live the Adventure


You decide to quit your job; plan a trip with friends and family to hit the road with high-speed and driveway to your destination.


“Life is what happens when your busy making other plans”, you regret the decision of quitting, start whining every hour of drive. All the fun and expectation turns out to be dropped down to zero levels of excitement, you might even no longer wish to be in the driver’s seat or anywhere around.

Movies do inspire; I guess!


Dramatic entries and exits are what matters now. So most of the films are based on road trips like, Into The Wild, Jungle, and many. We imagine a perfect outcome in return – a better ride with stunning views and a lot of electrifying pleasures.


But here’s the reality check, you hit the road, it’s just the air you breathe with lots of unexpected things bailing on you and so the incidents shown in the movies are pure fiction with nothing similar to the word called ‘reality’.

It’s only you who has to drive throughout the journey because you’ve got the driving license.



YAYAYA! A drive with family is the best. You get to hang out with your siblings giggling and laughing in the backseat together, creating memories.

So the best road trip planner; that’s me obviously, messes with siblings too. You can never have a good time with your siblings, every second is a terror scenario.


We are the Rule Breakers  


A quick stop at the gas station to fill up the tank with a washroom break.


A few minutes later, the gang gets down to fill the water bottles, use revolting bathrooms and return back in the car. Try not to think about how much time you just lost on the GPS.

Is it so much to take? Maybe yes or maybe no.

But I feel what really matters is…
Having the best time of your life with friends and family. Both in reality and what you have been expecting; you need to enjoy every moment spend with your loved ones and every road trip is actually not this bad.

So the point here is that we often end up with a real situation that differs from what we expect. Every time you should make it funnier out of the worst state of journey.

That’s how I live.

Tell us when did you take a long drive and turned out to be the most unforgettable trip? Comment below by sharing us your story.


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