Complete Guide of Road Trip From Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Ready, Set, Go! A miraculous chant the travellers follow.

Do you chant in before racking up to someplace too? For those who find peace and joy in travelling have the best way to explore and discover life across different places. Likewise, this could be the chalice of your takeover likewise.

Let’s catch in a moment of sharing the happiness at a place that houses the tallest buildings in the world with some luxurious hotels you could have ever imagined; has what made me write about it. This place is a mixture of tradition and novelty that one can barely find it anywhere. And, oh yeah! You get to have the best road trip in UAE.

road trip uae

The journey from Dubai to Abu Dhabi will have complete autonomy throughout the journey as the route is easy, quick and affordable only if you plan on renting a car, bus or hiring a taxi. As a suggestion, you can rent a car if ever the plans are up for a road trip because it’s cheap and less hassle would be caused.

Here are some of the checklists that are planned for you before driving onboard from Dubai to Abu Dhabi:

1. Feels of road trip worthy vehicle


Something is always meant for every man! Get yourself the latest sports car or find some classic old modern rented cars or even better to avoid driving you can try your hands on travel companies that manage to organize a perfect tour around the city.

So if you don’t want to travel by private car, you can always consider booking a tour via phone or website that provides a comfortable ride from Dubai to Abu Dhabi as the budgeting is same as compared to taxi but you could also go for public transport (Bus), speaking of which go check out some of our recommended list of things to do in Dubi and Abu Dhabi as you move ahead.

2. Bigger deals – Cost cuttings


When planning for a road trip make sure you execute all the car details including regular driving licence and international driving licence if you plan on hiring a private car.

Also, for those that don’t have the luxury of a driving license you can go for an easy scheme that’s by booking a city tour with the travel companies out here- very secure and affordable. The costing can be about 650 AED including pick-up and drop-off with all the entry charges of all the attractions added on to the package.

Public transport; Buses in Dubai are very comfortable: Air-conditioned, comfortable seats, priority seats, information screens, etc…, it would cost you approx 31.59 AED (from 6.61 AED– metro to the bus station, 24.98 AED – bus to Abu Dhabi) with the travelling time of 2 hours.

But if you prefer reaching the spot early you can book a private taxi which will cost you like 326.92 AED for an Economy-class car and from 562.01 for a minibus up to 7 passengers and the trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi could take 1 hour 50 mins.

3. Time is money, then why get stuck?


To have the best day trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is to leave early in the morning so to avoid the rush and jams. Consider departing at 06:00 or 08:00, it is an absolute chance of running on a smooth road without getting caught up in the traffic. Driving in Dubai is just great with all those wide open roads having multiple lanes that are maintained well, it is comparatively better than the other Gulf States. So if you consider public bus as your travel escort the touring can cost you less but the distance covered to reach will be comparatively moderate than hitting in a Taxi or a Car. Notably, you get to choose money before time or vice-versa, pick rationally. Leaving these aside, you can choose an alternative by scheduling a trip with the travel companies that provide you with the best packages including your travelling cost + they cover the distance in the fastest mode.

4. Say hello to Google!  

Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Google Navigations is a knight in shining armour. Sharing the accurate information about the traffics and updating the jams accordingly, on the top of that the estimation of reaching the destination is equally mysterious as it shows the exact time of sinking in the spot. It actually works well in Emirates. Dubai has installed its own satellite location address and navigation system called ‘Makani’ (My Location) but very few are aware. Generally, people are not informed of this satellite so preferably they depend on other applications such as Google Maps and Waze.

5. Stall in for a halt – stopovers

Notch-in with a proper plan, like for how many hours you will be driving and where would you find an accommodation – will it be on a quick snap of places or plan to stay for a longer time? Don’t you think you have to look into everything and everywhere for a perfect drive? Let’s not worry about details and hand over the thought of how-do-you-reach-the-place to a company or an organisation. Get the futuristic scene of menacing vehicles in a surreal environment’, a barren landscape of Mad Max: Fury Road located opposite to the original last exit on Sheikh Zayed Road. Moving forward to Abu Dhabi you can get to glimpse the beautiful Dubai Creek, The Marina, Burj Khalifa and some stunning Skyscrapers, as the city is piled up with extravagant wonders. Furthermore after your drive to Abu Dhabi, UAE’s capital city get offered with fascinating and breathtaking spots – city is a housed to Ferrari World, Yas Marina, world’s third largest mosque – the Sheikh Zayed, the malls and etc. Keep moving for more thrill for some Desert Safari activities with a camping in the night as it doubles the fun. You get to enjoy the most delicious Barbeque dinners when in the tent as you gaze in some sizzling dance performances by Tanoura and Belly dancers.
Just keep away from planning a trip on-the-spot after a long drive if you hired a private car (self-driving).

6. Take a step in glamour world for a road trip

Hold on to stay classy for a lousy ride with not so shiny colours or heavy dressing. Predictions about road trips never works, so either plan carrying the extras if caused to change or the best option get yourself dressed with a style but simple. Let’s just say, if you ever think of wearing your workout shorts or pajamas, try carrying it in a causal style and shrug in a jacket or slip on a footwear that has handy look and don’t forget the sunglasses. For the women out there fetch on your scarves to keep your hair from whipping and tangling from breeze.

Note: Visit this blog for an unusual list of safety guidelines for desert safari

7. Advancement of checklists  


road trip checklist

Get away with these checklists to predict the future as you drive on road – a smooth running from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. You wouldn’t want to forget the obvious road trip accessories like kick-ass playlists, snacks, spare money, USB chargers, hand sanitizer, first aid kit – painkillers, instant camera, water bottles, a towel, mints, etc.

Additionally booking a tour from Dubai to Abu Dhabi covers the above mentioned checklists, but also provides you safety measures, a professional tour guide, proper management with good hospitality; also if you are riding on a public transport the functions are positively satisfying. Create a long lasting memory with your group as you follow these advanced operations of the company you prefer touring.

When you know there is nothing left to be lost, the journey seems even more appealing and thrilling as it ends.
So whenever the plans are up for a road trip, just be safe, feel comfortable and entertain yourself throughout the journey. Keep driving until it’s for you to change the route of living.  

Comment below if the tips were helpful and share some of your updated ideas too!

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