Romantic Gateways In Georgia | Romantic Places In Georgia
15 July, 2019

Romantic Gateways In Georgia

Places for going on a stroll or riding a bike..

The balcony of Europe, “Georgia” is a picture-perfect landscape and is a true feast for wanderers. This country has got endless possibilities and will blow your mind with her mystery, beauty, and adventures. Hence, this romantic destination should be explored leisurely. It is said that the hospitality of Georgians, lively countryside, the quiet monasteries, and the historic attractions beautify this place evermore. In short, nothing more is needed to frame this country as a perfect spot for a couple’s vacation!

If you want to know about the romantic places in Georgia, things to do and many more… just scroll down!

Mount Mtatsminda


Mtatsminda Hill in TbilisiWho won’t love to grab their lover’s hand to marvel the stunning vistas of the city from the mountain? Indeed, every single person who is in love would be keen to enjoy the mountain vistas with their beloved.

Mount Mtatsminda otherwise ‘the Holy Mountain’ is 700 meters above the sea level and has got several attractions on its way, apart from an amusement park on its top.  Upon your convenience, you can choose Bus, Funicular or take a stroll to reach the top of the mountain. After spending enough and more time in this lush green area by enjoying the recreational facilities, panoramic view and so on, you can savor the delicious dishes from the restaurants located inside the park.

Narikala Fortress in Tbilisi


Narikala Castle

How about visiting the soul of the city with your soul mate? Isn’t it a Perfect idea? If you say yes, then plan your sightseeing to Narikala Fortress.

Identified as “the heart and soul of the city”, this ancient landmark of Tbilisi is an incredible site that gifts the best insight into the city’s beauty and history. So, if you want to spend a relaxed evening with your loved one, this artistically designed fortress is undoubtedly the best! You can reach this Persian citadel on foot or by hiring a cable car. The fortress consisting of two walled sections – the sulphur bath and meadows gives a beyond the belief sightseeing opportunity.  Couples can enjoy a walk around the fortress and can be engrossed in the glory of this historical Fortress that looks on to the Mtkvari River offering the view of peace bridge, public service hall, Trinity church and many more.

Turtle Lake


Turtle lakeDo you love to go for a Sunbath or swimming, ride on a Catamaran or walk down the cliffs? Of course, you will, when with your loved one, right? Then without a second thought, you should head towards the Turtle Lake. This Lake designed as an entertainment zone is a side stream of the Kura river and was blessed with a countless number of turtles. This tiny spot of wild scenery has got sports ground, jogging track, pebbled beaches and so on. Once you are here, you will love spending your time enjoying the kind of sports you prefer, fresh air, a walk or sitting idly sipping a cup of coffee in front of café. It is pretty clear that a visit to the lake will add more zest to your body and mind.

Lisi Lake


Sunset in Lisi lake

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the kiss of fresh air and wind pampering the hair? It is a must for everyone at one or the other point of time because nothing can make you feel great and active than Fresh air and exercise. In Georgia, Lisi Lake is recognized as the most peaceful and romantic area of the city. It is one such place that is most preferred when one wants to cool off and relax. Here you will get a chance to entertain yourselves with horse riding, bike riding, swimming, getting tanned and many more. Since the Lake premises is covered by lush green trees and bushes, you may spot a wide variety of exotic birds, hares, frogs, snakes, turtles and foxes. If you spend your evening here, then you will get a splendid view of the reflection of the light in the lake.

Now you will agree to the point that Georgia, the friendly, warm and welcoming country is a perfect romantic holiday spot. Don’t you think that this country should not be considered as a best-kept secret anymore?

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