Things You Should Know About Shopping in Vietnam

It is said that if you are shopping in Vietnam, you will “Shop with style”. This place has got many signature products that can be added to your cart without going bankrupt. The things that can be collected from Vietnam are known for perfection and distinctiveness. Here is a list of products that can be considered as “must buy from Vietnam” and this place will make your Vietnam holidays a great experience…..

Vietnam Lacquer Products

Vietnam Lacquer Products

Well designed, very modern and beautifully sketched using egg shells, wood or pearl in attractive colors make Lacquer products, the artistic creations of Vietnam, all-time favorite. These products can be bought from the galleries than from the streets. Hanoi is known for the famous lacquer village where you can customize designs, as per your interest.

Vietnam Embroidered Items

Vietnam Embroidered Items

Fine Embroidery has a special place in traditional Vietnam activities. Some villages of Vietnam are known for the embroidery work they carry out. The stores have Fine quality embroidery products at cheap price. Table linen, pouches, clothes, or pieces to be framed that appear like paintings, can be bought from these stores.

Vietnam Bamboo Products

Vietnam Bamboo Products

Bamboo products are economic friendly and cheap. Buying souvenirs made of Bamboo is a good idea because you will get fine quality products in fabulous colours at a cheap rate. Also, beautifully designed salad bowls, bamboo hats, trays, baskets and other items are light to carry. The unique handicraft products made of bamboo by Vietnamese artisans will be an outstanding collection for your storeroom.

Mother of Pearl Furniture and Boxes

Vietnam Pearl Furniture and Boxes

Furniture’s, Frames and boxes made in Vietnam are very attractive because of its uniqueness and perfection. If you don’t buy these products that will make your living environment lively, it is going to be a huge miss! Feng Shui items like smaller boxes and wall plaques can be taken along with you… Requesting shipment for huge and heavy items is a wise decision if you have a passion for home decors.

Original Art by Vietnamese Artists

Original Art by Vietnamese Artists

Colour and humour, make Vietnam’s art eye-catching. From galleries, extremely beautiful and unique art pieces can be bought for a cheap rate. People usually choose Lacquer paintings and silk paintings as they are easy to carry and are very attractive…These items to be displayed are pleasant and warm, hence these are amazing ornamentation for interiors.

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee

Gift yourself or your friends with Coffee products and tiny tin coffee makers. Listen to the instructions for using the coffee maker, explained by the staff. Undoubtedly, that is going to be a great gift. Vietnamese coffee is world-famous as they make coffee in different ways. It is interesting and tasty, so one must not miss it on their Vietnam shopping. At the coffee shops, visitors get a chance to try the different types of coffee like Weasel Coffee and to choose the one they prefer.

Silk and Traditional Fabrics of Vietnam’s Ethnic Tribes

Silk and Traditional Fabrics of Vietnam's Ethnic Tribes

The quality and designs of Vietnam’s silk is softer than Thai silk but it is equally long-lasting too. Other than silk items, Vietnam has a lot of traditional fabrics like linen, hemp, etc. Each fabric is dyed differently by different tribes using different substances.  If interested to collect finest silk and fabric products, a visit to Ethnology museum is a must. It will not only quench your shopping spirit but will also provide an insight to the life and tradition of Vietnam.

Vietnam’s Propaganda PostersVietnam's Propaganda Posters

If you are an art lover and is fascinated by history then collecting Posters, the “legacy of Vietnamese art from the war” is a good idea. These posters linked to the Vietnam history speaks about the struggle, war and its impact. These posters have implication on history, posse’s citations of the time and as an artwork, it is as classy or naïve. The energy they possess for sure showcases its importance, hence it is a must item in any shopaholic’s collection.


Vietnam Ceramics

Vietnam has a profound and diverse, artistic legacy. The ceramics with extensive outline and decoration is a true possession. The latest ceramic collection; gained fame is the jar with blue-and-white cover with a design of tiger and bamboo. The age-old terracotta and pottery tradition are very rich in minutiae. The wall frames that explain village life or a story is exceptionally attractive and hence they will be an embellishment for your earthenware collection.

Clothes, Bags, Shoes

"Made in Vietnam" Street ShoppingDon’t forget to bargain at the “Made in Vietnam” shops for beautifully designed leather items including clothes, bags, shoes etc ..This is one place that will give you the best-value shopping occasion for custom-made clothing, wallets, bags faux jewelry and shawls. Paying for quality and worth looking items will make your shopping lively and interesting.

When you are ready for a Vietnam holiday, make sure that you pack light because on your return, your bag will be lodged with a large collection of amazing things…. and that is for sure!Vietnam Holidays

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