Singapore – A Complete Guide


Singapore, the “City in a garden”, is always called so because this tiny Island has got everything to satiate a traveler’s sense with its plentiful, unique and top-notch attractions. This city creates new possibilities by constantly reinventing, evolving, and reimagining itself. In order to make your vacation hassle free, we have listed some useful tips and information about this stunning place.


Top things to do in Singapore:


Clark Quay


This entertainment village was once a historic bustling center for trade and commerce and now undoubtedly stands as a king of nightlife destination. Clark Quay has a vibrant collection of restaurants that offers visitors an ultimate dining, drinking and clubbing experience. While walking along the riverside, visitors can enjoy amazing views of historic buildings too.


Gardens By the Way


Spanning around hectares, the sprawling Gardens by the Bay is unique among the Singapore tourist attractions. It is not just the diverse flora in this place that makes it stand out, but there are some environmentally sustainable features as well. While Flower Domes houses a collection of plants from deserts, Cloud Forest exhibits plant life from tropical highlands. You can also glimpse the picturesque view of skyline from the waterfront promenade of this horticultural destination.


Jurong Bird Park


Home to thousands of vibrantly colorful feathered birds, Jurong Bird Park is renowned as one of the famous aviaries in the world. Visitors can enjoy a close interaction with friendly residents of the park during their feeding session in the iconic Waterfall Aviary. Lory Loft has Australian native birds and feeding these friendly ones with a cup of nectar mix is popular among visitors. Penguin Coast provides chance to see these flightless birds in indoors and outdoor habitat. The underwater viewing gallery in the Pelican Cove provides opportunity to live witness the dramatic diving of pelicans for fish. In fact, this colorful paradise can gift you unforgettable experiences.


Marina Bay Singapore


Once a quiet water body at the entrance of Singapore River, this area is now metamorphosed as one of the world’s most luxurious travel destination housing from trendy dining destinations to super-stylish leisure spots. The visitors can stroll along the ultra-modern waterfront promenade at the Bay. Also the impressive views of Singapore’s skyline, shopping centers, many Hotels are the other features here.


Merlion Park      


This is Singapore’s most iconic monument, where Merlion statue, with head of a lion and body of a fish, resides. This body and head symbolizes the city’s origin as a fishing villages and Singapore’s original name ‘Lion city’ respectively. Not only you can take pictures in front of the water spouting merlion statue, but also there are outstanding views of architectural icons to see.


Mount Faber


Offering visitors a host of activities, Mount Faber is a hill top park in the outskirts of the city.  A cable car system connects Mount Faber and Sentosa Island and is the best way to behold panoramic view of Singapore far below and reach entertainment and dining spot at its top. This is an ideal means to have some memorable moments with your loved ones.


Night Safari


Singapore Night safari endows visitors with a unique trekking experience and is one of the top world-class attractions. Animals from different continents are brought here and they roam in their natural environment can be seen here.  Don’t miss the natural abilities of mesmerizing superstars (Binturong, Civet and otter) of Night Show.


Orchard Road


There is something rather obvious that comes to mind when the word ‘Orchard Road’ mentioned; shopping. This Asia’s most famous shopping street is often dubbed as shopper’s paradise. The wide avenue is flanked with stores, Boutiques, offices, spas, entertainment spots, art galleries, upscale restaurants and cafes that can make one occupied for hours.


Sentosa Island


Sentosa is a manmade island resort located in the outskirts of the city and is accessible via bridge from Singapore’s main island. The resorts world sentosa houses casino, restaurants, shops and, other attractions of this place are the Universal Studios, Adventure Cove Water Park, Dolphin Island and S.E.A Aquarium.


Singapore Flyer


The Flyer is a stunning symbol of modern architecture that gives a bird’s eye view of the city’s attractions like the Singapore River, Marina Bay, Raffles Place, Empress Place and the Padang. The Flyer’s can carry up to 28 passengers at a time and a complete rotation of the wheel takes almost half an hour and that is going to be a great surprise for visitors.


Singapore Zoo


Singapore Zoo provides an exciting wildlife experience is a beautifully landscaped world-class wildlife park set around the animal’s natural habitats. More than 2800 animals from hundreds of species of mammals, birds and reptiles make this place beautiful. The Zoo is classified as wild Africa, Australia, Valley of Ethiopia and Primate Kingdom, based on the animal’s origin. It is designed to give visitors an interactive experience with animals including a jungle breakfast with Orangutans.


Universal Studios


This thrilling world gives entertainment experience that brings silver screen to life. Having dazzled millions of visitors with its thrills and spills, Universal Studios is certainly a must see attraction in Singapore. The park has seven eclectic themed lands each featuring their own big screen- Hollywood Boulevard with a dynamic architecture, America’s grandest city New York, impressive Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, The Far- Far Away and Madagascar.


Best time to visit:


Planning a holiday trip to Singapore during the months of January-February-March, June-July, and September-October is considered to be the best as it is the right time for sightseeing and events.


Boarding & Lodging:


Accommodation is a major concern when in Singapore and travelers usually prefer Hotels like Marina Bay, Clarke Quay, Civic District and China Town, as they provide the best and well-maintained service.


Laws to know before you go:


Singapore is well known for its cleanliness and strict obedience of Laws. Following are the list of things that you should not do while you are in this city.


  • Smoking, drinking and use of drugs are strictly prohibited in public
  • Visitors should maintain general hygiene in relation to the public health.
  • Damage done to both public and private properties is considered as
      serious offense.


Total worry-free holidays in Singapore are guaranteed if you respect this country’s laws that are implemented for citizen’s welfare. If you are well planned with an apt Singapore tour package, then this city will be the perfect jump-off points for your holidays!!


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