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Full moon party Thailand

Thailand is famous for its sand, sea and sun, but in last few decades, it is also become best known for its lively nightlife and vibrant parties. From cocktail bars, sky bars, craft beer pubs and dance clubs, Thailand is brimming with everything to satisfy the guests. The hardest choice to make is where you should head to the party. More than just a musical feast, picture yourself dancing on a beach in the midnight and revel amidst paints, dance, fire shows, colors in the whole night – yes this complete different feeling offered every month at ‘Full Moon Party’ – die-hard party soul in you will be undoubtedly blown away by this colorful event.


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Taking place in every month on the Koh Phangan (an Island in the Gulf of Thailand), Thailand’s Full Moon Party is one of the outstanding beach parties in the world. Though the party commenced in the late 1980s as a small gathering of love and dance, today more than 30,000 people attend here to celebrate a great time here.



There is still so many confusion exists regarding the origin of this party. Some say a group of young travellers celebrated the birthday party of their friend on the full moon night. Since they had a good time then, they used to gather every year according to the time of full moon. This spread out to many, and people started to flocking every month during full moon to party without limit – hence the name full Moon Party.


Party Freak at Thailand Full Moon Party


As the sun fades, beach is fully set up with small tables and as the light from moon touches the sand, the party begins. You will be first captivated by nightclubs, bungalows and small huts, which are adorned by colorful illuminations. You can simply settle down on a cushion with your favorite cocktail and admire the sunset view. Very soon, beach will turn out into a rocking platform with electrifying soundtracks, dancing troupes and revelers wearing masks. Open dance floor and variety of music genres like commercial, punk, jazz, techno and blues add a whole new vibe to party. Everyone on the beach will either paint or tattoo their face and body, wear hats, headbands….much like being in a party costume. Fire crackers, fire eaters and jugglers amuse the visitors as time passes by. Not only professionals, but tourists can also have their share of fire fun like jumping through fire ring, skipping over flaming ropes and trying fire slides. There are delicious sea food, drinks and snacks also, to enjoy in between. And needless to say, there are plenty of beverages suppliers available. This festival mood lasts till the sun comes up.


Thailand Full Moon Party Decor


Like full moon festival, half-moon and black moon parties are also conducted to symbolize the power of freedom, love & unity, free expression.  For sure you will simply love every bit of your time.


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