Things To Do In Dubai At Night | This Is How Dubai Looks at Night
19 July, 2019

Best Things To Do In Dubai At Night | This Is How Dubai Looks at Night

How often do our cities sleep? Seldom for sure! Rather, it shines more as the sun sets further down, and you step out to explore the splendor of nights.

So for once, imagine yourself in the UAE’s luxurious city of Dubai that never sleeps, where life begins after dark.

How would you melt into its charm and beauty?

Let us find out the beautiful spots in Dubai to enjoy the nightlife. Some beautiful things to do in Dubai at night that you shouldn’t miss are;

List Of Best Places to Visit in Dubai at Night

1. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo: Feel the underwater world

dubai underwater zoo

A unique marine exploration is what the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo have gifted the world of fish lovers. Feed the sharks and hop on to the glass bottom boat to feel the subaquatic world at your feet. Located in the Marina Mall, the aquarium does permit you to pose for some truly turquoise blue selfies.

2. Marina Beach: A walk to remember sky, sea and shades of night

marina beach dubai view at night

The view of Dubai at night is incomplete without a walk through the alluring beach sides of a marina. The marina hides something for everyone, the facility for a memorable yacht ride, the inviting stretches of Arabian cafes and restaurants are a few to name. Have a romantic dinner with your better half at one of those restaurants, watching the night sky that always shines.

3. Arabian nights: Find out the desert mysteries

arabian desert camping at night

Apart from its modernity, Dubai is also a land of golden deserts. So never miss the desert safari and overnight stay at its tranquil ambiance. Feel the history of this land under the cold night sky, while you treat your eyes with the colors of Tanoura and Belly Dance. Go for a camel ride and give shisha smoking a try. Paint your hands with Arabia’s traditional shades of henna and relax in the moonlight, the desert has much more to say to you!

4. Dubai Fountain Show: Melt In Music

dubai fountain show at night

The Dubai mall hosts water shows specially choreographed by dancers focusing on Arabic and western songs. As the sun goes down, the city of Dubai awakes with fresh energy and each architectural marvel of the city looks like some magical fireflies spread along the night sky. This world’s tallest performing fountain shines in the dark with its most advanced incandescent fountain lights, inside the serene waves of the Burj Khalifa Lake. Dubai fountain show is something you would be blessed to watch at night!

5. Burj Khalifa: The Beauty Of Heights

burj khalifa at night dubai

The tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa, indicates the architectural excellence of Emirates. The flickering lights of Burj Khalifa is a magical night attraction of Dubai city. The panoramic view of Dubai from its 124th floor enchants every visitor’s eyes and soul. Take a ride in the fastest elevator of Burj Khalifa and witness captivating glimpses of Dubai’s nightlife. Burj Khalifa is indeed a must visit place in Dubai at night.

6. Global  Village: Into the world’s traditions

global village at night

More than a tourist attraction, Global Village is a place that emphasizes the traditions of various cultures around the world. As the night falls, the whole village area shines with decorated lights making it one of the most beautiful night view of Dubai. The village hosts different pavilions, each offering a  cultural attraction of different countries of the world. Relish various stage shows and savor different cuisines of the world, before you leave this place.

From enormous skyscrapers to blessed beachfront, everything is equally attractive in Dubai.

And whatever your mood be, there is no reason to stay in during the night in this magical land of wonders. The city of Dubai is best enjoyed after the last ray of sun goes past its shores.

So what are you waiting for?

You can always see happiness in every corner of this city,

So Fly to Dubai to bloom your nights.

explore dubai at night

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