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15 July, 2019

Sustainable Tourism – Tips to Become a Responsible Traveler

Every journey is a unique tale and there lies a wanderlust in some of us. It is all about how we choose our destinations to travel. Everybody loves to travel, but how many of us have had the thought of responsibility to keep that destination in the way it existed before or even better than that? It is the foremost thing to leave a region as one among the sustainable travel destinations for the future generation with its awe-inspiring natural resources.

When we travel, we forget all the stress, experience something fresh and cherish it for the rest of our life. Travel experiences become more elegant when we become a responsible traveler. Here are some sustainable travel tips to keep exploring a reliable traveling experience.

  • Reduce the use of plastic

Reduce the use of plasticWe are aware of the hazards caused by the excessive usage of plastic. It is advisable to choose purified drinking water in recyclable glass bottles rather than in plastic containers. You can include tote bags along with your luggage to avoid situations like street shopping when we are forced to use polythene bags. These eco-friendly travel tips are the stepping stones to reduce our carbon footprints rather than just lessening the amount of plastic waste.

  • Support the local economy

local economyLocally made handicrafts, souvenirs and various indigenous products would be available in the majority of budget travel tourist destinations. Your contributions to their local economy would definitely make a positive impact on their trading and allied activities. Buying the local products from their own land is an asset for them as it nurtures their cultural heritage and increases job opportunities for the natives. Your support to their local economy will be an added advantage for your many more sustainable traveling experiences to such destinations.

  • Try not to buy the Wildlife products

Wildlife productsIf you really wish to have sustainable travel experience, you will also have to groom yourselves to avoid buying products made of the materials from endangered species of animals or birds. Otherwise, you will be knowingly or unknowingly supporting the growing market for trafficking of the rare and endangered species of wildlife products in the name of souvenirs which would contradict with the responsible tourist tips.

  • Commute Wisely

commute WiselyThere are many ways to lessen your impact on the environment while traveling. It would be good if you could rely on the public transport system rather than always hiring taxis to move from one place to another. If the distance between the places you wanted to travel is lesser, always prefer to walk instead of opting for a public transport system.

The best travel guides suggest a bicycle ride to explore a region to the core. It isn’t just worthy for the environment but also satisfies your budget travel ideas and makes you, even more, healthier as well.

  • Do not encourage Animal Tourism

Do not encourage Animal TourismActivities including Elephant Safaris, visit to the Elephant Sanctuaries and Tiger Temples, swimming with Dolphins, animal performances, hunting etc are considered to be unethical.

On the whole, make your life voyages wiser and even more delightful by following international travel tips and responsible traveling. It is our sole responsibility to lessen our impact on the planet Earth, to support and nurture our local economies and to protect our indivisible wildlife.

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