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There is hardly a better alternative than ‘travel’ to refresh and rejuvenate yourselves… it broadens your horizons, opens up the fascinating phases of life around you, helps to get acquainted with new customs, cultures, food, connect with new people, and many more! But there are a plethora of tourist destinations all over the world and finding a picture perfect place for a nice getaway will be the real challenge.

Besides, the internet has innumerable travel sites and, selecting the appropriate website is another hectic task! To make your seemingly formidable task lighter; we have compiled the best top 10 travel blog sites from those countless sites. Be it about leisure, romance, adventure, nature, or heritage…. these blogs has enough and more facts in the store that tempts even the lethargic travellers to pack up the bags and set out to explore..!

1. TripAdvisor

Trip Advisor

The well-known online travel platform, TripAdvisor offers a complete solution for vacation. Over the years this website company has been assisting its customers in booking trips, where to stay, what to see & do and so. Travellers from every nook and corner of the world enjoy their splendid services. With articles and reviews of unique travel experiences and exotic destinations across the world, TripAdvisor is a very useful guide for preparing your lifetime trip – as its very name suggests.

2. GetYourGuide


Being the largest online booking agent for travel-related things, GetYourGuide helps people in finding their choicest place to travel. This is a site where you can search for travel tips, things to enjoy, sights to see, activities to do in the world’s top tourist spots, likewise… There are a number of articles about worldwide destinations with most up-to-date information that inspire visitors to travel more & more.

3. OceanAir Travels TravelsOriginally a professional tour company that provides various kind of tour packages (family, budget, classic, honeymoon, adventure, etc) to prime tourist destinations in the middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, OceanAir Travels also an informative travel website to facilitate its operations. OceanAir website is mainly noted for its nice & friendly surfing experience and a wide range of best travel blog posts related to sightseeings, cultural & heritage sites, offbeat adventures, beaches, wildlife, spiritual places,… imparting effective know-how to its aspiring travelers.

4. Expedia


Expedia is a travel website that take cares everything from the time of booking and leaves you completely worry-free. This site is widely used to book hotel reservations, airline tickets, cruises,… from luxury to affordable levels. And the kind of services they offer is quite comprehensive too. Expedia has got some of the most popular travel blogs that covers all major categories, viz. adventure, beach, cuisine, history & culture, in addition to seasonal specials like vacationing in spring, summer, winter, etc.

5. WOW Travel

With nearly two decades of experience in travel industry, WOW Travel is one top choice for planning a trip irrespective of your travel preferences. They satisfy you with first-hand experiences about so many interesting attractions, funny activities, hotels, and so on. Whether it about adventure, nature, culture, architecture, festivals and/or events, they have got the latest updations. Not only this site aids in selecting the apt location but also provides all necessary means to enjoy that chosen one to the fullest!

6. TravelTriangle

Online website of the famed travel & tour operator, TravelTriangle site brings together travelers and expert travel agents under a single roof. Be it inbound or outbound travel locations, this is one of the finest sites where you can get immensely useful blogs right at your fingertips… Blogs that contains all details about the destinations that ideally matches your holiday theme(s)! Pondering over these blogs is worthwhile in all respects.

7. Yatra


An award-winning Indian online travel company that caters holidaymakers across the world, Yatra in known to meet and even exceed the expectations of customers in terms of their quality services. Their website contains valuable database about India in particular; like its vibrant lifestyle, deep-rooted culture, heritage, monuments, pilgrimage sites, deserts, hill stations, beaches, backwaters and so forth. It doesn’t matter what type of vacation you wish to choose, for you will get the needed details here.

8. TripHobo

This is another renowned online holiday planning platform, which helps to plan your trip to thousands of holiday spots across the world. They take into account the major factors of trip like transportation, accommodation, restaurants and activities. Articles and blogs related to food, drinks, destinations (beach, heritage, nature,…) and other authentic inspirational travel stories are included on their site. Browsing through it will make you feel like a local in that place, that too within the short span of reading time!

9. Fathomaway of the top-rated travel websites for exploring international tourist places, Fathomaway gives pre-trip planning info, the country’s culture as well as tradition, transport facilities, and much more. In their website, there are many detailed blogs about celebrated destinations in America, Canada, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

10. Private Dubai Tours


A relatively new entrant among online travel sites, Private Dubai Tours’ site, however, scores over others in terms of its in-depth coverage of UAE tours and activities, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi city tours and desert safaris. The site’s blog section displays a comprehensive list of all the tourist destinations and activities in UAE… covering the most explored and least explored ones alike. Visitors can also find interesting tour activities here such as the Fly Bike tour, Sea Plane / Helicopter rides, Hot Air Ballooning, Speed boating, Scuba, to name a few!

Beyond doubt, going through above-mentioned sites will give lots of useful info & tips before booking your preferred holiday packages. All it matters is careful reading and planning there….the rest is assured!  

Top 10 Travel Blog

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