Top fun things to do in Kenya

Things to do in Kenya

An area of matchless natural beauty, Kenya is not just a destination to take a trip but it is an ever cherishable experience! Hidden surprises are sure in every nook and corner that are well worth exploring making Kenya holidays, a rare experience. It is hard to pick one attraction of this country as the vibrant tribal culture, amazing wildlife treasures, incredible landscapes, captivating beaches, and fantastic shopping complex, top class dining options make this place exceptional.

Viewing animals on Nairobi safari walk


Among the numerous, places to visit in Kenya, the Nairobi Safari Walk is one of the most favorable places to visit for wildlife lovers and photographic enthusiasts. This wildlife center, is home to plenty of animals including Bongo, White Rhino, pigmy hippos and Albino Zebra. This natural marvel mainly has 3 ecosystems – wetlands, forests and savannahs. It also houses about 150 species of local trees and is also a great introduction to country’s new conservation based recreational facility.


Shopping at the maasai market


A very interesting experience for holidaymakers in Kenya is a visit to the vibrant maasai market. This is an open-air market well known for its variety of artifacts & curios mostly from Kenya and other African countries. Some of them are clothing, kitchen utensils and beddings. Among its attractions, most famous is the Maasai sculpture that depicts the indigenous culture. The best thing about this market is prices are affordable and bargaining also works well.

Visiting the village market


Entitled as East Africa’s largest shopping, recreation and entertainment complex, the village market is a great place for a day out. This market is brimming with local and international standard shops, banks and other leisure facilities.  As well as the numerous shops, this center is packed with many dining amenities with a lot of options to choose from like flavors from different cultures.


Dining at the carnivore


Carnivore restaurant is Nairobi’s most popular dining option located about 8 Km from city center. Set up in an authentic African ambience, this eatery hosts millions of customers around the world. What makes this open-air restaurant more famous is its delicious culinary experience with massive variety of meat; menu includes camel, ostrich, crocodile and antelope. Restaurant also offers vegetarian menu serving variety of salads, soups, exotic sauces and vegetables. This place also hosts corporate events, conferences, wedding ceremonies and more.


Go Karting on Lang’ata Road


For those who want to quench the thirst for adrenaline, ‘Go Karting on Lang’ata Road’ near carnivore restaurant is a very good choice. Whether you want to take your mates or colleagues, diverse range of tracks will offer an off beaten thrashing experience. people having age greater than 10 years can partake in this activity. This venue has restaurant and bar for dining after racing.


Ice skating at Panari Sky Center


Things to do in Kenya, are unique and attractive… Ice skating at Panari Sky Center is one among them.. This astounding facility is a great way to test your Balance skill. Located within 5 km of the right heart of the city, this is first ice rink of East Africa. With a surface area of 15,000 square feet, this rink can accommodate 200 skaters at a time. Trainers are also available to teach those who haven’t prior experience in this sport.


This memorable and adventurous holiday will be a lifetime treasure. Enjoy it to the fullest.




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