Top Restaurants To Visit In Your Nairobi Trip

Kenya’s capital city of ‘Nairobi’ is already celebrated for stunning landscapes, greenish peaks, coffee trade, fashion, and most prominently foodie culture. People frequently visit Nairobi on every season from near and far to taste seasonal and customary delights of this capital city. To experience the real tastes of Nairobi to the fullest, these selected hotels may help you. Let’s look which are they, and why are they?

Hashmi BBQ

Hashmi BBQ

Sited near the famous mall Nakumatt Ukay, ‘Hamshi BBQ’ is a family-run restaurant that serves Indian BBQ as the main dish along with deliciously spicy and tasty foods including chooza chicken, fish tikka, fiery poussin chips, khima chapatti, salads, and many more. Here one can taste these dishes in a good ambience at affordable prices.


Talisman Restaurant

‘Talisman’; declared as the best restaurant of Nairobi by New Year Times. This restaurant is constructed with Kenyan crafts and middle-eastern wall-hangings making great ambience for candle-lit dinners. This restaurant is also using as a platform to conduct regular exhibitions, arts, festivals, and of course food events. All continental dishes are also available here as it has visitors from all over the world.


Tamirand Restaurant

Tamarind is a continental restaurant that located on the ‘Karen’. This restaurant features best sea foods, meat dishes, and local delicacies including garlic jumbo prawns, fried crab claws, etc. Don’t worry non-veg people; here the vegetable dishes are also famous as rest of the items. The peaceful setting and serene views let you taste the food with fresh experiences.


Soi Restaurant

Soi – Tribute to the authentic Thai flavours! Located on the charming riverside woods, Soi restaurant is designed with a posh ambience offering very good feel to visitors to enjoy their food in maximum pleasure. Where they are serving Thai delights including Lychee marshmallow, slow-cooked ribs, and passion fruit pannacotta, soon.

Satiate your taste buds with the secret flavours of Thai.


Misono Hostel

Located in the heart of Ngong, Misono is particularly famous for Japanese Sushi, Sashimi, and other local dishes. This family-run hotel offers an opportunity to indulge dining experience in a traditional way with the warm hospitality of Nairobi. Features two floors; the down floor is arranged with teppanyaki tables, while the upstairs is with ala-carte seating.

Maru’s Bhajia Café

Maru's Bhajia Cafe

If you are a fast food lover, then it’s your spot, the ‘Maru’s Bhajia Café’. Once it was a drive-thru café on the river road, gradually turned as one of the major cafés of Nairobi. Serving simple and tasty foods in paper plates like crunchy turmeric yellow bhajia with tomato chutney, and tamarind. Various types of refreshing drinks are also available there at affordable prices.


Tatu Restaurant Nairobi


Tatu steakhouse is most popular for grill/steaks of beef or seafood. This restaurant resembles the traditional setting of the hotel, Fairmont Norfolk Hotel; open kitchen, contemporary stage with African décor for foods. This hotel’s other speciality is its medium-cooked ostrich steak with chunky fries and cold beer.

If steaks and grill is your kind of taste, drop into the Tatu.

AA Mithaiwalla

AA Mithaiwalla Biriyani

‘AA Mithaiwalla’ is all about biryani. Founded before 50 years back by Abdulahi Alibhai Mithai Wala, and now his son Shabir keeping the family legacy by serving tasty foods as Alibhai done before. This eatery loved by thousands of locals in Pangani by the array of sweet and tasty Indian foods including different types of Biryani. This hotel has a facility for casual dining and takeaway.

J’s Fresh Bar

J's Fresh Bar

J’s Fresh Bar is located in the Ngong with ample facilities and services such as reservation, outdoor seating, wait staff, along with serving alcohols. This hotel is famous for various food varieties, amongst them, the star heroes are battered fish and chips, smoked paprika scotch eggs, and Szechuan-peppered squid with roasted garlic aioli. This area is well decorated with minimal wooden interiors, and plain glasses to offer cosy ambience to the foodies.

Mambo Italia

Mambo Italia

The Italian Restaurant ‘Mambo Italia’ is located on the backside of the Lavington Curve Mall. But one can easily trace-out the place as it is filled lots of wooden tables, colourful chairs, and open-space kitchen. The major menu is inspired by Italian dishes, and make it as a blend of Italian and local Swahili cuisines.

Special dishes are Swahili pizza with red onion and coriander, desserts, and ice creams.

The restaurant list doesn’t end here!  If you are planning to out Nairobi, you won’t find any difficulties for food and beverages.Top Restaurants in Nairobi

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