Top Travel tips … “For the smart traveller !”

Travelling is not just a mere activity, but more of an educator, which can alter your very outlook towards life. Over the years number of passionate travellers is on the rise; resulting in flourishing Tourism industry. However travelling is not that simple as it sounds! To make a safe stress-free trip, traveller(s) need to take care of many crucial factors such as transportation, food, accommodation, budget, selection of places,…. And most importantly, right decision making at the right time. How to do all these? Of course it’s possible, provided you ensure some significant travel tips as the following ones…

Make a Budget & Plan in Advance:

In all likelihood the first step taken in trip planning is about balancing the preferred destination and budget. So accordingly you have to select your destination(s), and then you need to plan the budget about things involved like accommodation, food, travelling, shopping, so & so. This will save you from overspending money during the trip.

Normally travel expenses are high in peak season. So it is advised to book your type of transport (flight, rail, bus or car) much in advance. There are many online travel sites where you can compare price ranges (from wallet friendly to luxury) matching your preferences.

Likewise, type of activities and sightseeing spots you wish to visit also matters. Some attractions may cost entrance fee, some may be may be free of cost, some may charge extra. So keep a look at seasonal deals and offers.

Make a Checklist of Necessary Things and Have Backups:

Listing in advance the necessary things can reduce last minute hassles. Also, it may help you to take some items that you are most likely to forget.

General packing list should include essential items viz.,

  • Cloths (take into consideration about weather, type of destination and all)
  • Toiletries (Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Comb etc..)
  • Electronic goods (cell phone, laptop, camera, power bank etc..)
  • Credit/ Debit cards
  • Valuable documents (passport, identity card, driving license, tickets, travel insurance and so on)  
  • Medicines (first aid box, any prescribed medicines which you are taking regularly)
  • It is always a good idea to carry less number of bags  (maximum of 2 No.) to avoid the trouble of losing luggage.

Essential Shopping & Eating Tips:

Shopping is an exciting activity in while travelling abroad. If you want to shop in a cost effective way, it is better to go to a local market instead of luxury shopping mall or branded stores. Checking souvenirs and gifts from Streets, roadside vendors, bazaars is a fine choice provided you have good bargaining skill. You should select items carefully, normally local sellers may try to outsmart outsiders and overcharge their products.

In some countries, shopping festivals and related events take place annually or in connection with some special occasion. Hence it is better to fix your travel dates according to that.

To experience authentic tastes, it is a good idea to try out local street outlets and food stalls. At the same time take care about hygiene so that it won’t affect your health.

Trip Tips for Safety in Adventure Activities:

Adventure travel can be thrilling and scary at the same time. To enjoy excitement to the fullest, you should take care of certain things.

Take a medical checkup to make sure that your body is ideally fit for escapades.

Always carry first aid medicine kit, if you are taking medications don’t forget to carry it and in that case, it is it is advisable to take ample rest for few days before your trip so as to equip yourself.

If you are going for trekking, hiking and likewise sports, remember to take your walking shoes, socks, jackets and other outfits. Also, don’t go with empty stomach and take some energy drinks too.

It is important to know the weather condition of the destination you are planning to go (if it is suitable for intended sports activities).

When you are going for self riding (biking, cycling), check the vehicle’s conditions – tyre pressure, fuel and brake system.

Stash Up Extra Cash:

No matter where you are travelling, it is a must to keep some extra cash in case of emergency like non-availability of ATM counters, losing wallet and all.

It is wise to split up your money into different parts of your luggage to avoid losing all the one.

Another thing to note is digitally capturing of your trip memories so that you can cherish in future. Usually in earlier days, people used to carry a camera. But due to advancement in mobile technologies, everyone has high-resolution camera smartphones.

Got inspired? Now you might be tempted to explore the world as you are armed with every vacation tips. Enjoy your coming vacation free of troubles.





Olivia Mary Jones

Olivia Mary John is a wanderlust soul since 2011 when she jumped out of her office cubicle and decided to travel across the globe. For her, a journey is something more than merely seeing the sights. She travels to experience, learn and immerse herself in different cultures. Very much passionate about her trips, she loves to share her experience thus making your travel plans more accessible and enjoyable.

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