Best Travel Vloggers Around The World You Need to Follow in 2019
15 July, 2019

Top Travel Vloggers You Should Follow in 2019 [Best Guide]

It is better to spend your money on experiences rather than material things. Your experience will be greater when shared with others which are now possible by making interesting as well as memorable travel videos. With eye-catching visual and audio interactions, travel videos are a real inspiration to awaken the wanderlust in you. For a motivation to start having travel experiences of your own, there is no better way than to follow some travel Vloggers. Here we have sorted some famous travel Vloggers who post motivational, helpful and interesting videos.

The Expert Vagabond

You can’t skip the name Matthew Karsen if you are doing research on backpacking and traveling. This expert vagabond took the world by storm for years with his passion for photography and travel. All his videos showcase his wide perspectives on traveling saying, “Travel doesn’t have to be expensive, adventure is worthwhile, and the world isn’t as dangerous as you think it is”.

He won the heart of 27,382 subscribers on YouTube and 142,000 followers on Instagram. Follow him to know how to travel the world to seek new experiences and venture places that you didn’t even know existed and explore new possibilities.

Find him here:

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You will be immersed in a sense of excitement when you watch the videos of the amazing brothers; Marko and Alex. Together they’ve explored various parts of the world including Australia, Asia, and Europe to show us how fascinating the world actually is. They have succeeded in their mission of inspiring backpackers and bloggers to explore most of the world as much as possible. They have almost 64,376 YouTube subscribers and 69,000 Instagram followers who have fallen in love with their astounding way of video making and global perspectives on travel. For sure, they are a joy to follow.

Follow them on:
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Hopscotch the Globe

Kristen and Siya are the Couple Adventurers who are the world travelers and moreover the magical hands behind the Hopscotch, the global brand. They started in 2010 and it continued to grow since then with some open-minded, curious and loving people.

They create Vlogs to share travel tips, inspirational stories, destination guides, Bizarre travel stories, foodie experiences and many more. Rather than just showing something about a trip, both of them love teaching viewers how they can undertake solo travel, adventurous journey, traveling with kids and even pets. They are sure to motivate you to pack your bags to set off.

Learn more on
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Hey Nadine

When it comes to Vlogging, Nadine Sykora is a pro. Nadine’s captivating personality, dedication, and enthusiasm for travel make her videos both interesting and informative for anyone who watches. You can find valuable ideas about necessary travel tips and advice on how to plan an epic road trip, how to get cheap flights, how to gain travel fitness, destination and packing guides and of course some unique culinary experience. Over time, she has gained 40 million plus viewers with around 800 videos. Check for more updates.

Other places to find her:
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Mr. Ben Brown

Ben Brown is a British adventure backpacker who parted ways from the monotonous life and found the real meaning of getting off the beaten path. Being a professional water sports athlete, he earned the world championship for flat water Kayak racing. His love for adventure made sure that he crossed the path with numerous highs and lows during traveling. Now he had created a sensation among travel freaks. Follow him on social media to know more about his never-ending expeditions.

Check out Mr. Ben on

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Liked the list? Do share it with your network. All these amazing Vloggers show us nothing can stop you from wandering around the world.  Feeling inspired? Then go forth, see how fascinating the world around and get the most out of every experience.

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Olivia Mary Jones

Olivia Mary John is a wanderlust soul since 2011 when she jumped out of her office cubicle and decided to travel across the globe. For her, a journey is something more than merely seeing the sights. She travels to experience, learn and immerse herself in different cultures. Very much passionate about her trips, she loves to share her experience thus making your travel plans more accessible and enjoyable.


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    Hi Olivia! Nice Top 5! I too make travel vlogs, but mine are aimed at history-culture geeks like myself! They’re educational but hopefully fun. I was even nominated for UK Vlogger of the Year, which I was pretty chuffed about as I have a tiny amount of subscribers. For history buffs and culture vultures, I hope you can spare a look… (thanks!)

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      Thank You for your valuable comment. You are doing a great job on your channel. Keep up the good work and please subscribe to our blog for latest updates.

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