Things to do in Dubai with Kids | A Travel Diary with my Toddler
21 August, 2019

A Travel Diary With My Toddler While Living in Dubai

Children are the most precious gift to their parents. In this world, nothing can replace the cuteness, innocence, and joyfulness of a baby’s smile. The tenderness of their little fingers, the movements, sudden reactions, curiosity to know more things and their expressions are really damn cute and these moments are the real gifts of parenthood.  

Everyone in this world has memories to cherish for a long time; it may be different according to their perceptions. Similarly, it’s hard to forget the days that I spend with my two-year-old toddler in Dubai. I’m really missing those days because I have explored all the things to do in Dubai with kids through the eyes of my two-year-old princess.

We have to take our children outside to mingle with nature and society to nurture the early stage of their character development. Hues and tints of the new environment may influence them to polish their survival instinct, sense, sensibility and also the development as an individual as a whole. Exploring the charm of the outer world always mold the personality of children stronger and sharper as per the suggestions of doctors, educationalists, and mental health experts.

I don’t belong to any of these professions, but as a mother, I really could relate how my child might have perceived the astonishing sights of Dubai.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

In my memory, the most colorful Dubai attraction for kids that I have ever visited is the Dubai Miracle Garden. Our beautiful sightseeing tour was in the midst of December, during the midsummer. As the name suggests, it’s a miracle to the world. Situating at the heart of a dry landscape, the intensity of the unfavorable condition for botanical survival is measured as too high.

At the Garden, you will see seasonal and creative theme patterns to catch the mindset of all the visitors. I have observed the emotional gestures of my child and that was when I walked through the pathways. Her little eyes and mouth were wide open and I could see her little milk teeth out all the time! A visit to this place will definitely make a positive impact on your children’s sensory development.

Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo

dubai activities for toddlers

Now I’m remembering my visit to the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo which is one among the good choices for events like a family get together. The time spent at the Dubai aquarium was interactive, informative and entertaining. Like terrestrial life, marine life is also equally colorful, exciting, interesting and mysterious. A visit to this destination with your children would excite you with its recreated vibe of marine life.

Witness the marine mysteries closer without any fear in the heart. My kid was extremely happy and she was curious to watch the movements, the size and vivid colors of sea life. This aquarium houses around 140 species of marine animals including shark, rays, piranhas, Giant catfish and many more. It is pretty sure that the nook and corner of the aquarium will  keep your entire family amazed. Definitely, I can say that this destination is one of the best for toddlers activities in Dubai.

Dubai Dolphinarium

things for kids in dubai

Where to go with kids in Dubai? Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the best spots that will definitely keep your child engaged. The fully air-conditioned indoor Dolphinarium is home for a diverse range of dolphins and seals. Kid’s corner, special activities, and restaurants are exclusively available for children.

Animals are also skilled and sometimes they seem more creative and sensitive than human beings as trained animals easily understand everything. I was actually wondering on their talent to sing, dance, playing balls, juggle beautifully and a lot more. These activities always put a smile on everyone’s face especially among children’s. I appreciate their creative effort to arouse a glimpse of a smile on every face.

Dubai children’s city

dubai attractions for kids

I have immense desires to explore way more but as a mother, I always search for places for kids to visit in Dubai which are apt for my little darling. That is the reason behind my visit to Dubai children’s city. Inside this, there is a separate section for toddlers. Everything developed in the toddler’s area is ensured of safety and quality standards. Special spaces like this will make the kids more active and energetic. These kinds of exhibitions and games always make them happiest.

From all these first-hand experiences, it is clear that a visit to external circumstances can affect the development of a child. The toddlers have to be mingled with nature and the society to boost up their physical as well as mental development. When I look back into my early motherhood I’m sure that I will remember these visits with a cute smile from the bottom of my heart. If you get a chance don’t delay to visit Dubai with kids.  A bunch of colorful memories just awaits you at this magical landscape.
kids activities in dubai

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