Wonders of the Underwater World - Believe the Unbelievable!
15 July, 2019

Wonders of the Underwater World – Believe the Unbelievable!

Deep down the rash water currents and immense blueness, a world of excitement awaits to be explored under the sea. The unoccupied lands of the underwater world confine a lot. Let’s venture into the unknown depths of the ocean with underwater tourism.

Here is the list of a few wonders of the underwater world, check out to explore!

Spectate the Underwater Museum, Mexico

The Underwater Museum in Mexico is one of the greatest attractions of the marine world. Dive into the deepness of the sea and witness the magical glimpses of the other world, here. The museum accommodates more than 500 statues and is one of the best sites to snorkel.

The major artworks of the museum includes  the Man on Fire, Cross of the Bay, Thing Blue (Beetle Car), El Bacab, Anthropocene (VW Car), Silent Evolution, The Promise and the Dream Collector. Here, the visitor gets the chance to see twinkling fishes and turtles that swim across the statues.

The Magical Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius

Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius

Swim through the pristine warm water of this Mauritius island, and spectate the eye-catching ecstasy of the underwater waterfall. The waterfall which appears to be real is just an optical illusion made of the Perpetual movement of sand drains, making it one of the adorable underwater attraction of the planet. The subtle harmony of shades create an optical illusion which has won many hearts across the world

The Lion City, QianDao Lake, China

The Lion City, QianDao Lake, China

The Lion city at QianDao Lake is a heaven of memorable arches and white temples. The city which was known to be the flourishing city of Shi Cheng dates back to 25-200 AD which was deliberately flooded in 1959 to generate a hydroelectric power station. The city now resides submerged at a depth of around 85-131 feet underwater. Behold! It is one of the beautiful underwater wonders of the world at Qian Dao Lake remembering the old city; the remains of which are still persistent.

The Park that disappears, Green Lake (Austria)

Green Lake Austria

The Green Lake at Austria is an unbelievable underwater miracle where the park surrounding the lake disappears during summer. This becomes the best time to visit the lake as ice and snow from the Hochschwab mountains melts and submerges the park into the lake.

The Palace of Cleopatra was considered as a myth until the French archaeologist Franck Goddio finally discovered it underwater. Lying near the shores of Alexandria, this city was drowned under the water 1,200 years ago. The divers get to delve into the ancient world of giant stones with Greek and Egyptian inscriptions, bronze statues, coins, and ships. The Cleopatra’s Palace is one of the greatest attractions of the underwater world.

Plunge into the depths of the aquatic life and find out the miracles of the other world. From underwater museums to ancient cities, plenty of attractions await to be explored underwater.

Evoke the marine explorer in you. The future of tourism is to explore the underwater world.

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Underwater World attractions

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