Wadi Shab Adventures: The Perfect Guide to Hike and Swim at the Valley
15 July, 2019

Wadi Shab Adventures: The Perfect Guide to Hike and Swim at the Valley

A quick question: Have you ever traversed into the valleys of Oman? 

If it’s a YES, you have conquered the kingdom of treasure and for the ones with a ‘NO’, they will now have a definite reason to voyage and explore the Wadi Shab adventures as you scroll down the article below. 

Here’s a curt into the most popular Wadi (valley) of Oman, the Wadi Shab.

Also known as Wadi Al Shab, it is a narrow valley between the mountains, basically a gorging steep rocky walls with limited access via streams of crystal water flowing in the direction to the coast; the place looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale.  Wadi Shab Day Trip endeavors your tour to a paradise filled with lush green and pleasant scenery views from the rocky mountains and valleys. 

FYI: A walk into this spectacular Wadi indulges hiking and swimming into the small canyons and hidden cave waterfalls. 

Wadi Shab Hike 

wadi hikeAre you ready for a hiking season? Let’s take a short boat ride to a small Wadi lake for 2 minutes heading to the trails for a hike. Get off the boat and start hiking to the low-lying areas till the end of the footpaths as you walk into unusual small farms and gaze around the irrigation systems. Bask the goal of enjoying the space full of stones and pebbles as you hike above water, crossing the steep valley between the rocks. After an unrealistic end to the hike, float away to wadi narrows and swim through a whimsical realm. 

Wadi Shab Swimming Pool 

wadi poolTalk swim with your heart, because swimming is always a good idea!  

In the beginning, you can easily unwind the hurdles of water level and relax in the pool (low depth water). Then swim for about 50 meters without holding on to anything as you pass the Wadi. At first, swim on the smooth slopes then while you reach the deeper sections, either continue with the side flow or walk a little by the rocks (the ones who are not good swimmers) until you get out and later jump into next pool that you see. On the way, stop near cliff diving spot and witness the vibrant beauty of Oman’s Wadi. 

Note: If you prefer walking towards the pool (other natural pools), it might seem a bit comfortable as the rocks get slippery under your feet. So, I recommend you to carry water-proof shoes.  

Oman Wadi Shab Tour – Spectacular Cave 

wadi shab caveThe cherry on top for all the great swimmers – discover the hidden caves in Wadi. Caves await your visit! A spectacular encounter to the Wadi Canyon is the best thing to do in Oman, Muscat. Cherish the moments at the stunning cave covered with unstable rocks with less space for diving, but a magical narrow passage submerged with a beautiful waterfall delivers an adventurous and thrilling experience. 

Visit Bimmah Sinkhole on the way to Wadi Shab

Why not follow our impulses? Heading towards Wadi Shab is a Bimmah Sinkhole, a natural underground pool with an impressive geological features and scenic wonder of the Eastern coast; also one of the most beautiful gorges in Oman. So start with a walk into the edge of Northeastern coast and delve into the pool below which is hollowed 20 meters deep, slide in and enjoy the time swimming under the crystalline waters. You can amass the power and walk along the field of palms and ponder the gorge of Wadi Shab. If left with time and energy, visit the ancient beachside villages of Dahab, Tiwi, Finns and more.

Extra Information

How Do You Get To Wadi? 

I can suggest two alternatives only: You can either rent a car (self-drive) or book a tour. 

Option #1: I strongly recommend you to take a professional guide and avoid self-driving. You can explore the valley out of the bustling city and live the moments without bothering about the map/navigations/notifications or missed lanes. 

Option #2: Self-driving to the Wadi Shab will lead to a standard road experience, easily accessible with the mere use of GPS navigator or Sat-Nav. It is a one-hour drive from Muscat city and drives from Sur for 40 minutes and turn to be an ultimate adventure altogether.

 Weather Conditions Update 

wadi shab climateUltimately weather changes induce complications, you know the temperatures rise extremely high in Oman during Summer season like up to 50 degree celsius, so take in consideration of visiting during Winters for Wadi Shab adventures. Make plans for pleasant weather in the Wadi from October to April and skip visiting on weekends, it gets jammed by the locals, especially on Saturdays. 

Would you dare to cross the gorges of Wadi Shab to capture a decent picturesque view and embrace the dose of natural beauty? 

Comment below and share your favorite tourist places in Oman, Muscat. 

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