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19 July, 2019

Warner Bros Abu Dhabi – Redefining the World of Entertainments

“Warner Bros.”, the name that needs no introduction, especially if you are a Hollywood movie buff. From a simple but ambitious venture of four movie savvy brothers in the early 1900s in California, United States, Warner Bros. has grown into a world-leading movie production house featuring state-of-the-art technology along with best in class facilities.

A century of years saw the studio powerhouse becoming a top brand name in all aspects of entertainment, movie production & marketing while creating a number of blockbusters and immortalizing many super characters in our minds.

Courtesy Warner Bros, a number of Super-Heroes (including the legendary Superman, Batman), the funny Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry, and quite a few Wizards, as well as Sorceresses, continue to enthrall us on Theatre screens and Television sets alike.

Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

Ever fancied meeting and interacting with those magical characters in real life? That too without traveling all the way to the United States! This seemingly unlikely event is going to become a reality soon at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi. And the location is none other than Yas Island – the international hub of adventure activities.

WB Abu Dhabi ‘in-a-nutshell’

  • Type: Fully-indoor Theme Park
  • Construction Cost: 1 Billion US$ (approx.)
  • Total Area: 1.65 million sq. feet (about 15 hectares)
  • Overview: Six Special Zones with 29 rides & live-shows
  • Opening Date: 25th July 2018 (scheduled)

Now let’s take a ‘wordy’ expedition and learn how it’s going to be…

‘The Super Six’ – Worlds within Warner Bros Theme Park

Warner Bros. Plaza

It all will begin at the Plaza named after the movie house; an apt location to relish yourselves in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Warner Bros. Plaza is made in the predominant decorative style (art deco architecture). Here the ‘All Star Spectacular’ show presents a Warner Bros film library to you all.

Warner Bros Plaza WBWorld

If shopping is in your cart, you have entered the right place; for here are a variety of options such as…

  • Studio store: You can take your pick from a diverse range of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi logo merchandise.
  • Superstar souvenirs: They are concentrated in stocking especially tees, hats and some comic souvenirs of animated cartoon ‘Looney Tunes’.
  • DC Super Heroes store: The shelves of this store are filled with tee shirts, hats, mugs and statuettes of DC figures.
  • Treasures of Hollywood: Representing classic Hollywood style, it offers a range of products including ornaments, watches and collectibles.
  • Bugs Bunny & Co.: Your little ones can discover their favorite item from a wide selection of toys and keepsakes.
  • Celebrity Photo Studio: Here individuals can create lasting memories with an exclusive session of photography.

Daffy Duck WBWorld

Apart from the shopping spree, you can also quench your appetite with some fine dishes at the following restaurant here…

  • Hollywood Trattoria: A super dining spot with upscale high-class ambiance, it offers delicious Italian food in old-fashioned hospitality.
  • Celebrity scoop: This is a classic American eatery famous for Milkshakes, indulgent sundaes and malts.
  • Beverly Hills Boulangerie: Set up in a contemporary style, this is one fine outlet to sip a freshly brewed coffee along with a pastry or some other snacks.


The prehistoric land of Bedrock is full of fun and adventure that will transport you back to the Stone Age. Here you can get up close with fictional characters of ‘The Flintstones’ such as Fred Flintstone, Wilma, Pebbles, Betty, Barney and Bamm Bamm.

Bedrock WBWorld

Some of the exciting rides and eat-outs this offered at Bedrock are…

  • The Flintstone Bedrock River Adventure: Here you can embark on a boat ride amidst the prehistoric neighborhood and Stone Age wetlands.
  • Bronto Burgers and Ribs (offers slabs of ribs and giant sized Bronto Burger) and Mammoth Munchies (known for its celebrity shakes and popcorn) are places to dine out here.

In addition to this, Bedrock Boutique has many mementos of Flintstone characters.

Dynamite Gulch

This colorful and frantic world is a Cartoony version of the American desert landscape, featuring hair-raising adventures and animations.

Dynamite Gulch WBWorld

The highlights here are…

  • Fast and Furious race of Wile E Coyote (Warner Bros.’ Cartoon) over hills, dunes and around turns to catch Roadrunner.
  • The Jetsons Cosmic Orbiter that lets you take a high-energy ride in a spacecraft.

Also, there are ‘Marvin the Martian Crater Crashers’ and ‘Yosemite Sam Rootin Tootin’ that are in a class of their own.

 Cartoon Junction

Cartoon Junction WBWorld

This section of Warner Bros Park brings together all favorite cartoon characters with lots of adventure escapades. Here you can expect your fantasy friends – Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry, Daffy Duck, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Taz, Tweety, Sylvester, Elmer Fudd,… at following rides;

Tom & Jerry: Swiss Cheese Spin, Cartoon Junction Carousel, Daffy Jet-propelled Pogo Stick, Tweety Wild Wockets, Ricochet Racing with Taz, Ani-Mayhem, Acme Factory.

Shopping areas are also included like the Hair Salon, Fudd Hardware, Daffy Snacks, and ACME Company store.

And you can also enjoy unique culinary from Huckleberry Hound Pies, Yogi Bear and Boo Boo Ice Cream, Penelope Pitstop Cotton candy.

Gotham City

A fictional American city (full of corruption and crime) under the protection of Batman is well showcased in Gotham City. The heroic rise of Batman against the evil, dramatic moments of super villains, action-packed fun and entertainments await you at every corner of this city.

Gotham City WBWorld

But here it’s not just Batman alone… you can meet other famed characters like Catwoman, The Joker (at the Joker Funhouse), Harley Quinn, The Riddler (at the Riddle Revolution), Scarecrow (at Scare Crow Scare Raid), Mr. Freeze, The Penguin and Two-Face. So it will be interactions aplenty!

Other than those super character stints, you can avail a handful of shopping and dining facilities at Gotham City at Monarch Theatre Gifts, Cat’s Eye Jewelry, Harlequin confections, Cobblepot Formal Wear, Hall of Doom, Mr. Freeze Ice Cream Truck, Gotham city’s Finest, etc.


The sixth one, Metropolis is an imaginary city with soaring skyscrapers and bustling urban center – well protected against evil effects by Superman. Apart from this superhero, you can find his contemporaries too, namely; Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Aquaman, Supergirl and Hawkman.

Metropolis WBWorld

The thrilling rides here are Justice league: WarWorld attacks, Green Lantern: Galactic Odyssey, Superman 360: Battle for the metropolis, besides the Teen Titans Training Academy.

For the shopping & dining enthusiasts, lots of options are here also at –  Justice league: Hero Supply Co., Zatanna Books & Magical Curiosities, Front Page photos, Daily Planet Newsstand, Ace O’Clubs, Big Belly Burger and Park Ridge Market.

By now it won’t be necessary to state that it’ll be an entertainment – way beyond words and imaginations! For those seeking top things to do in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, there can’t be a better choice than this – A massive entertainer that rivals its well-known neighbors Ferrari World and Yas Water World!

Whether you are an Emirati or a tourist, it doesn’t matter… for all your dreams will come true this coming July. So keep updated and secure your key to unlocking the world of wonders by booking Warner Bros Park Tickets in advance!

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