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19 July, 2019

Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Europe

Have you ever heard of the festive Halloween events of European countries? Halloween or the All Saints’ Eve, one among the world’s oldest festivals is still being observed in various countries across the globe. The best places for Halloween are on the continent of Europe as it is deeply rooted in its ancient culture.

The Day of the Dead is observed in commemoration of our deceased loved ones and ancestors. When we go gaga into the pagan history, the Halloween weird facts as we see it today could have moved from Europe to the United States with the Irish immigrants.

Let’s Know Some Halloween Facts


Best Halloween parties in Europe took its present form as Pope Gregory IV declared All Saints’ Day to replace the ancient Pagan Festival. The day before the All Saints’ Day became the All Hallows Eve when people moved from door-to-door asking for food to feed the poor.

Halloween has its fountainhead in the change of seasons and the people’s fear of autumn’s sun rays. The term Halloween itself is the shortened version of All Hallows Eve as Hallows stands for the term Holy. Halloween evolved as a nighttime vigil prior to the Christian holiday of All Hallows observed on 31 October.

It is the concept of honoring the change of seasons having its deep roots in the Celtic Festival of harvest. The evil spirits will be freed on Earth for one day of every year as per the beliefs of the Celts. On this Hallows night, people wear masks for tricking spirits in order to escape from them that might be seeking vengeance. Likewise, the gargoyles seen in front of the Gothic cathedrals are meant to protect the building from the evil spirit.

It is all about the notion of tricking away or to scare the ghosts. This is the belief behind the concept of Halloween. Many European countries have unique Halloween party ideas. Here are some Halloween celebrations spots in Europe on 31 October.

London, England



Make your way to the London Dungeon, Hampton Court Palace’s gallery and the Theatre Royal at Drury Lane. Besides all this, you can also spend time at the spooky pubs in the royal city. Enjoy the ghost hunt along with Halloween Ghost Walk and roam around the city of London in the specially designed Ghost bus. The city also offers you the horror experiences at the puzzling Rivoli Ballroom. Make the best out of All-hallows Eve by watching horror films at the Rivoli Ballroom and create your own Jack-o’-lanterns (pumpkin) at the Strawberry Farm.

Dublin, Ireland


The Isle of Ireland is home for Celtic traditions. The birth of the Jack-o’-Lantern concept is from an Irish myth by which an evil spirit appeared before Jack demanding his soul at one night. After playing many tricks to the ghost, Jack was sentenced to wander pointlessly and reappear every year to frighten children in the Halloween night.

You can take a tour to the City of Dublin to take part in the well-known Samhain parade. The spectacular parade events with monsters, ghosts, huge creatures, and dancers will be accompanied by fireworks at the Parnell Square.

Costume parties would be hosted in many nightclubs where you can see varied Halloween costumes for kids. Never miss out the Halloween night party of Lillie’s Bordello at the Hellfire Club that is embellished with a wide variety of ghostly sights.

Transylvania, Romania



Nothing else can beat the vibe of enjoying the Halloween eve at the land of Vampires. Transylvania, the historic city of Central Romania turns out to be an actual horror theatre with many spectacular events. Take part in the Count Dracula Circuit to indulge in the character’s traits and explore the destinations of Bram Stoker’s fiction. Also, never forget to dress up yourselves in the best costume for an awe-inspiring Halloween party at Sighisoara      

Prague, Czech Republic


When you decide to celebrate Halloween in Prague, never hesitate to buy and customize your pumpkin at the Bykos farm or Botanical Garden at Prague 7. Also, enjoy the most significant costumed Halloween walk in Prague and participate in the exciting Zombie Night Run, a 5 km run via the region of Vitkov hill and the Zizkov.

Edinburgh, Scotland


Make your way to the pristine locations of Edinburgh where inhabitants have vanished for centuries. Experience the best Halloween Pumpkin Festival to customize your own Jack-o’-lanterns. Immerse yourselves in the party eve by painting your faces. Make a visit to the Mary King’s Close to get to know the tales of ghosts wandering in these places.

Five of these destinations being some of the best places for Halloween in Europe, what is stopping you from taking part in this eventful gathering? Just go and discover the best of this festive eve with all its cultural traits and traditions.


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