Why Do Millennials Only Travel to ‘Instagrammable’ Destinations?
15 July, 2019

Why Do Millennials Only Travel to ‘Instagrammable’ Destinations?

Nothing else would arouse a twinge of jealousy like friend’s Instagram post on a holiday destination. The lit up cityscapes, mesmerizing landscapes – whether filtered or not, it can make you feel like everyone are exploring places that are beautiful! Thus there is no surprise that the Instagram pictures of a destination matter the most while longing for a holiday escape.

Apart from the worth of money, the number of visitors and the weather conditions of a spot; the millennial travel trend always revolves around its Instagrammability. Let it be the colorful Cliffside village of Positano or the turquoise deep blue of Maldives, it’s all about how the millennials place themselves online. At times, it is this picture-sharing platform which becomes the motivation for the Globetrotters around.  


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While addressing the quirky query of ‘why do millennials only travel to Instagrammable destinations?’, it becomes mandatory to mention their proneness to share everything on social media. Letting someone know about our happiness, sorrow, excitement and thrills would relish ourselves at times. And that is how millennials approach social media these days. Everyone’s social behavior would directly reflect on these platforms as it is the mirror reflection of our society.

When we share what’s on our mind via social networking sites, it would reach out to many people at a time and can leave an impression which doesn’t matter whether good or bad in everyone it passes through. Millennials seem to be watchful in swiping up and down over their social media news feeds even if they are in the midst of their much-awaited journeys.

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Instagram attained wider popularity within a short span of time as it persists as an exclusive social media service for sharing photos and videos. At times, these Insta posts make us pack the bags to some spectacular destinations. That is how we shift our plans to explore one region after the other.

What decides instagrammability of a destination?

The picture-worthiness of a spot usually beats all other factors such as regional cuisines and even sightseeing at times! The catchy captions and filters they offer for the photographs of panoramic landscape make the destination more worthy to travel.

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Whatever we dispatch through social media always leaves some marks somewhere behind. Thus the urge of youngsters to share everything with everyone in their circles arouse while they roam around. At times, it is their way of finding pleasure by unveiling all the spots they traverse!

The photographs of breathtaking landscapes, living communities, cultural heritage, mouth-watering cuisines, and popular landmarks together determine Instagrammable worthy destinations. Their Instagram photos would eventually form a scrapbook for cherishing those holiday escapes and it attracts more travel buffs to those worth-visiting locations.

Then and Now!

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Earlier we used to depend on various articles, travel blogs and even news to choose a better travel destination. Change is inevitable and our mode of choice has also undergone change. Today, popular social networking services including Facebook and Instagram have taken the turn of those lengthy travelogues eventually. It has ultimately initiated an era of social media-fuelled tourism among the millennials.

It is the Instagrammability that reflects in the millennial travel habits these days as they are keen on popularizing a spot with their own innovative techniques. The youth goes blind behind Instagrammable destinations to travel as most of their voyages might be social media driven and they hope those spaces would be meant for their ultimate inventiveness.travel destinations

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