Why I love Abu Dhabi, and You Should Too!
15 July, 2019

Why I love Abu Dhabi, and You Should Too!

Over the years, UAE has become my favorite country. I’ve fallen for its cultural or architectural splendor, shopping and entertainment amenities.

I actually had the chance to experience the capital city multiple times. I must say that traveling in Abu Dhabi or just an Abu Dhabi city tour is an experience in itself.

Now I am sitting in the Art House Cafe sipping my favorite cup of coffee. I will leave Abu Dhabi tomorrow. But I really wanna come back. I wonder why? What are the reasons I love Abu Dhabi so much?

Best Places To Visit in Abu Dhabi

1.Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh zayed mosque visitFirst of all, I fell in love with the architectural beauty of the mosque. The ambiance inside the mosque was heavenly. This became my most favorite place to visit in Abu Dhabi.

2. Heritage Village

Heritage VillageIt’s a major reason that made my Abu Dhabi city tour memorable. I could feel the traditional desert life from the artifacts and displays showcased there.

3. Emirates Palace

EmiratesIf given a choice, I would love to live here as I am literally awestruck by its opulence. I am lucky enough to view the entire city from its observation deck. sipping the ‘High Tea’, with the city views beneath, is a great experience!

4. Louvre Museum

lourve muesuemOnly in Abu Dhabi other than Paris! I adore Louvre for its architecture and appreciate its art treasures. Try to go there one day, you might feel the same way.

5. Abu Dhabi Corniche

abu dhabi cornicheI enjoy being alone here. One thing I love most about the beach is its serenity. A combination of sun, sand and sea. Really it’s heavenly! Though it’s a cliche, who doesn’t love a nice long walk along the beach.

6. Ferrari world & Yas Water park

ferrari worldIt’s a place of fun! Being here is truly relaxing. I’ve tried many rides. There were great roller coasters and other rides to experience the full throttle of fun. If you are a fan of speed, the formula racing car ride is just for you. I now became a fan of Ferrari.

7. Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

abu dhabi falcon hospitalThis is just 6 km from Abu Dhabi Airport. It’s a veterinary hospital for protecting the health of Falcons. I could see those birds in close and also, learned so many interesting facts about Falcons.

8. Liwa Oasis

Liwa oasis, Abu DhabiA perfect getaway from city life. The place is noted for its Date farming and largest sand dunes. I did Dune bashing, sand boarding and camel ride and my experience was beyond my expectation.

9. Great Festivals and events

abu dhabi eventsThere is something exciting always happening in this city. It has an event heavy calendar which includes ‘Mother of the Nation Festival’, ‘Abu Dhabi Food Festival’, ‘Golf Festival’ and many other music concerts.

10. Delicious dining

foodLiterally, I am bewildered by the variety of food options across the Emirate.  Abu Dhabi is not short of great eateries. You will find food unlike you ever had. If you don’t like local cuisines, go for takeout.

This is just a few reasons why I love Abu Dhabi.

They say home is where the heart is. And my heart is in Abu Dhabi. I know wherever I’ve been, I will definitely return to my home.

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