Now, it’s your turn to try the World’s longest Zip Line Tour…!

Zip Line UAE

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Here is a good news for all adventure junkies out there… “Jebel Jais Flight”, the world’s longest Zip Line in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is launched on 1st February 2018 and the travelers seeking an adrenaline-fueling adventure can all set to be a part of this memorable experience.


This record breaking Zip Line Tour is 2.83 kilometers long and runs at a speed of 128 km/hour along the Jebel Jais mount at 1680 meters over the sea level. Though, zip lining is usually done over rain forest or sea waters, UAE hosts this unique environment over Nation’s largest mountain peaks of Jebel Jais.


This incredible length of this Zip Line UAE which is equal to 28 football pitches has won the Guinness World Record as the longest zip line opened in the world. This fun filled thrill is designed with two lines parallel to each other and that helps you to enjoy this activity with your near and dear ones. A breathtaking 3 minutes ride above the rocky mountains of UAE will make feel that you are a bird enjoying the stunning views underneath.


Those who want to enjoy this hair-raising outdoor adventure will be taken to the very heart of Ras Al Khaimah mountain range. You will get briefing about safety measures before moving on to launching platform.  Participants will be outfitted with state of the art Zip lining equipment, specialized suite and helmet. No matter you are new to zip lining or experienced, this activity is thrilling, fun and most importantly challenging!The thrill of the speed along with spectacular sceneries will leave you speechless!


This off-beat ride consist of two cables resembles a giant falcon that suspends from takeoff point with a hanging pad, where riders will finish their ride on a landing platform after which they will be transferred to a second line before travelling down to end up the activity. Anyone who weigh between 45 kg – 150 kg, and has at least 120cm height can partake in this adventure game which doesn’t have any age-limit.


So “adventurous folks…” get ready to flock above the mountains with your favorite ones!







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