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19 July, 2019

World’s Cheapest Travel Destinations

Is there anyone who doesn’t like traveling?  Mostly not!! Almost everyone in the world loves to travel and explore. For some, travelling is like a dream, passion, or hobby, and for a few, traveling is a means to escape from their routine life… it all depends upon the individual…Many strive to make their travel dream a reality while a few are held back because of the finance and budget… But you should not worry about it… If the spirit for exploring is in your blood, then you can give wings to this desire because there are a lot many pocket-friendly destinations that won’t leave you bankrupt! So let us wake up the traveler in you… and explore!


Nepal the House of massive Mount Everest, is blessed with soul-stirring sceneries, vivid landscapes, split-level farming, opulent culture and religious beliefs… This tourist destination for holidaymakers is the best holiday spot for budget travelers.

NepalIn Nepal you will find anything as per your need even without spending an excess penny. This fabulous spot is where you can experience the religious union of Hinduism and Buddhism, relish endless-plains, refresh at the sacred lakes, climb Mount Everest (if you are an extreme lover of adventure) etc.  

Major cheap destinations to visit – Kathmandu, Pokhara, Patan, Bhaktapur, Nagarkot, and Lumbini.


India… owes a friendly clime and natural setting! Where you can reside for many days without making your pocket flimsy. Being a celebrated tourist destination as well as a pilgrimage hub, it houses diverse stress-busting attractions like lofty peaks, plain panoramas, historical monuments, inns (for shelter), serene temples, sacred rivers, and many more.

IndiaAbove all, this is the place where you can taste lip-smacking cuisines in budget price from small stalls and cafes. If you are keen on budget travelling, India will be a perfect destination that suits you.  

Major cheap destinations to visit – Delhi, Kerala, Jammu & Kashmir, Varanasi, Pondicherry, Hampi, Darjeeling, and Kodaikanal.

Sri Lanka

The exquisite beaches, cloud-wrapped foothills, peculiar culture, flora & fauna of Sri Lanka make it a must riveting Nation to explore! This awe-inspiring Island is a dream haven for shoestring budget travelers as it boasts diverse leisure lawns, archaeological sites, and off course pristine beaches to satiate your senses.

Sri-LankaThere you can effortlessly find out do-good hostels and eatables in a fair deal and, can use the public transportation system to wander around the topmost attractions conveniently. If you don’t have not much expenditure for a lengthy holiday, worry not… set out to Sri Lanka.

Major cheap destinations to visit – Kandy, Jaffna, Ella, Trincomalee, Bentota.


Like many appealing European Countries, Ireland is also home to fascinating art museums, galleries, monuments, picturesque settlements and buzzing towns. Keen for cheapo holidays to Ireland? There is loads of way to make your Ireland holidays inexpensive.

Flight ticket to Ireland was gone-down frequently on previous years, so you can step your foot on this glorious land without paying huge. Ireland attractions, need not mention, as all know, it is home for contrasting fascinations such as festivals, art scenes, windmills, cathedrals, shopping hubs, heaving greenish hills, to name a few. One can save more money on Ireland holidays if you are more careful about accommodation and food.  

Major cheap destinations to visit – Dublin, The Mourne Mountains, Derry-Londonderry, Longford.


Known for the peculiar fusion of art, heritage, greenish panoramas, hills and foreshores, Morocco is ever-so-much tourist favouring destination, so, if you are not careful about money… holidays will be high-priced. Yet, one can effortlessly enjoy a sojourn in Morocco in little expense. 

MoroccoOne key trick to keep money, opt streets or where the natives (locals) eats, for foods rather choosing touristy areas, is also a great mean to experience the culture and customs of natives. Shop from street vendors to buy traditional and fancy commodities (souvenirs, ornaments, and clothing) without exceeding your boundary in the budget. Morocco is lavish but cheap!

Major cheap destinations to visit – Rabat, Chefchaouen, Marrakech, Meknes, fez.


Settled on the westbound of South America, Peru invites travelers from far & near… group and solo! Except for prevailing monuments and landmarks, Peru is also celebrated for several serene beaches as it is sited nearby the Pacific Ocean. Head down to beaches and refresh yourself, nothing can beat the stimulating feelings as Peru beaches offer.

PeruPeru is also home for mountain trails, landscapes, mouth-watering cuisines, etc. So, activities and entertainments are galore. If you find shelter outside the city, the cost will be half and where you can eat and refresh well. As a budget-friendly destination, surely you will find some groups the same as yours in Peru. Planning for group or solo economical journeys? Don’t think twice, head to peculiar Peru!

Major cheap destinations to visit – Mancora beach, Huanchaco beach, Machu Picchu, Urubamba.

The list does not end here, if you seek better for the same, you will find more and more destinations all over the globe like Cambodia, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Greece, and many more. So, no need to put aside your dream just because of money… these cost-effective destinations will give priceless experience.


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