“Quicker than the quickest” – Hyperloop Dubai

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Hyper loop UAE – The future mobility

UAE known for excitements and surprises has got another reason to hit the headlines of the world.  Yes, hyper loop in UAE is becoming closer to reality. This project is a flawless assimilation of incredible future technology and master dominion of the government of UAE.


Since it is something you have never heard before, you might be curious to know more, so here are the details you are looking for


The rationale behind this mission is to make the journey quicker, stress-free and safe for the public. This project was firstly proposed by ‘Elon Musk’, the founder of ‘Tesla’. Firm ‘McKinsey’ and ‘BjarkeIngels Group’. They are currently working on the design and routes.


The Hyperloop –tiny levitating pods (not like train) – is an up-to-date venture that concentrates in making a revolutionary modification in transit system: these capsules (pods) could travel in a depressurized vacuum tunnels (tubes) with a speed of 1,200 km per hour… as an aftereffect of electric thrust. So it’s quite faster than aircrafts.


Well, let’s take a look at types and speed of Hyper loops…

Hyperloop01Dubai to Abu Dhabi = 12 minutes

Hyperloop02Dubai to Riyadh = 48 minutes

Hyperloop03Dubai to Doha = 23 Minutes

Hyperloop04 Dubai to Muscat = 27 minutes

This simply means, one can reach to another Emirate in one-shot (without traffic).


This ultra-fast conveyance system features far better standard in security as well as in conveniences than a passenger jet, and the maintenance expenditure will be more economical than speed rails. And, even when traveling through the long pipe, travelers can relish the side visuals via virtual windows.


Just like every other mission of UAE, this innovative project is also quoted for an enormous amount; around 4.8 billion. The Hyperloop is looking forward to check-out the possibilities to set-up tracks in various countries including UK, Netherland, Finland, and Switzerland… may it unveils in UAE in 2021.


If everything went faster… anything will be smarter!





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