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Art has the magic to speak where words fails to describe..! Art galleries always reflect the heritage and culture of country in an understandable way. Hence long traditions and history of countries are personified in art galleries. In these regards, Armenia deserves a special mention as it houses an impressive collection of art galleries, some of which are very best in the world. Let’s familiarizes with some of them here, which will help you plan your Yerevan Tour



#Dalan art Gallery

Dalan Art Gallery

Featuring an eclectic collection of local art and craft works, Dalan art Gallery is a lovely place located right in the middle of Yerevan. This gallery consists of mainly three parts. Ground floor of Dalan is a shop full of gifts and souvenirs, from where you can buy some to take home. Upstairs showcases the art works; this is mainly noted for magnets with imprinted images of Yerevan, Ararat, grapes and pomegranates available for different price ranges. In the inner yard of gallery, there is a nice restaurant serving authentic Armenian cuisine. In addition to this, there is another one called café of Dalan that offers flavorsome coffee and other beverages.



#Arame art gallery

Arame Art Gallery
(Image credit:theculturetrip)

Originally founded in the year 2003, art gallery of Arame has undergone many developments and renovations over recent years. The gallery exhibits cum sale original paintings of local artists such as Babken Kolozyan, Minas Avetisyan, Hovsep Karalyan and many others. Art collectors, political and public celebrities, Wall Street investors and actors are major clients of this gallery.



#Gala Art Gallery

Gala Art Gallery

A modern gallery housing works of contemporary Armenian artists, Gala Art Gallery is a leading cultural icon of Yerevan.  It is possible to see sculptures and original paintings of Armenian artists from late 19th century to present. Recognized all over the world for its quality, now this gallery became a hub for art collectors and dealers. No matter you are a first time visitor or an experienced artwork buyer, you can find a wide collection of works fitting your wallet.



#Cafesjian center for the Arts

Cafesjian center for the Arts

Combining an outdoor sculpture garden plus several internal galleries, Cafesjian center for the Arts museum never fails to impress its visitors. With over 5000 glass arts, paintings and drawings, this Yerevan Museum present Armenian culture at its best of to the world. Works of prominent artists including Arshile Horky, Fernanado Botero, Andy Warhol and Jennifer Bartlett are exhibited here. On the top of building, there is garden terrace that offers panoramic city views.



#Modern Art Museum Yerevan

Modern Art Museum Yerevan
(Image credit:tripadvisor)

Modern art museum of Yerevan (MAMY) was originally established in 1972 and is still continuing as an epitome of contemporary art scene with its lively collection of modern Armenian paintings and sculptures. Past exhibitions in this gallery features complete works of famous Armenian artists (many are still present in the museum). This includes works of Ashot Hovhannisyan, Martin Petrosyan, Minas Avetisyan and other brilliant artists.



#Armenian center for contemporary Experimental Art

Armenian Center For Contemporary ExperimentalArt
(Image credit:artasiapacific)

This is purely a non-governmental organization that facilitates and nurtures the talents of artists in Armenia. One and only center for experimental art in Southern Caucasus region, they focused on showcasing ‘cutting-edge’ art of painting, sculptures and video making. This institution has played a major role in promoting modern Armenian art in international level.


Though you can see these art forms on your home screens, you must experience its color, texture, scale everything in person while on your Yerevan Holidays. For sure this will be an elevated and meaningful experience.


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