Best Egypt tour packages from Dubai

Egypt Tour Packages from Dubai

 04 Days / 03 Nights

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El-Agabat valley in White desert Egypt

Cairo: 2-Day Bahariya Oasis Camp and Desert Tour

 02 Days

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349 USD

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pyramids giza Image

Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Saqqara, and Dahshur Tour from Cairo

 08 Hours

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85 USD

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Things to See and Do at the Banks of Nile River

The word Nile originates from an ancient Egyptian language and it translates as ‘the great river’. The great river is a befitting title for this river. The Nile River flows through 11 countries and attains its gorgeous form as it enters Egypt. It holds a

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Entrance fees & Timing of Temples & attractions in Egypt

When you visit Egypt most of the exploration will revolve around Temples, Museums and other government-controlled monuments. After all, the fascinating history of this enchanting country is preserved in these venues for the public to relish. All these att

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Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Tutankhamun and his Tomb

The bygone reign of King Tutankhamun (1341-1323 BCE approximately) wouldn’t have been remembered by the outer world without the discovery of his splendid tomb. His reign was not a remarkable one even if he had ascended the throne at a young age (9 years o

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10 Interesting Cleopatra Facts That You Never Probably Heard Before

If you make a list of the most beautiful woman or the most phenomenal woman, or even the most iconic woman of the ancient world, Cleopatra will surely have a place in the list. The name Cleopatra is synonymous with feminine beauty and elegance. There are

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