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OceanAir travel is the fastest growing travel & tourism agency in the UAE, as well as the top ranked online travel service provider on the leading International Online portals.


Job Description:

  1. Work very closely with hiring managers, adequately understand their needs as well as the requirements and expectations regarding the job positions   
  2. Close all open requisitions for recruitment.
  3. Verify and update the Job Descriptions according to the new role
  4. Insource and recruit candidates using a variety of outlets, such as job postings and social media, while effectively targeting the right kind of candidates for the job
  5. Schedule all interviews and then prepare / advise the candidates beforehand
  6. Administer and submit all hiring paperwork for new employees, and assist the orientation process
  7. Prepare and submit all internal and external advertisements for recruitment
  8. Receive applications, record in HR Database and send acknowledgement letters to candidates who have applied for the-mentioned positions
  9. Prepare and send successful and unsuccessful letters to candidates
  10. Prepare all the required documents for joining of new employees i.e. Employees Joining Report, ID Card, Job Description, etc.
  11. Maintain and regularly update the personnel information in the HR Database  
  12. Carry out payroll calculations, leave salary, OT & incentive calculations and disbursements
  13. Ensure adherence to company policy and standards


Desired Skills:

# Flexibility in work timings

# Knowledge in UAE Labour law


Experience:1 yrs & above

Age:Max 35 yrs



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