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Global Village Dubai

Over the years, Global Village in Dubai has transformed into a region’s largest entertainment, leisure and shopping hub. As the very name suggests, this destination features 30 pavilions showcasing over 75 countries in the world. Countries represented in this extravaganza includes Europe, Thailand, India, UAE, America, Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Russia, China, Japan and the list goes on. Visitors will get the opportunity to see souvenirs, rides and even taste food from across the world under one umbrella. Many entertainment performances like Monster stunt show, Globo shows, Concerts takes place here. Also this complex has wide variety of restaurants, cafes and other dining options to explore. It is one of the interesting places to visit in Dubai especially if you are looking to go in a group. It is not only just the opulence of the place that leave the people wonderstruck, but also the best in class hospitality that they experienced here.


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