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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque-Abu Dhabi City Tour + Ferrari World

138 USD

Full Day Ferrari World Tour from Abu Dhabi

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75 USD

Ferrari World

The largest indoor theme park in the world, Abu Dhabi Ferrari World is an entertainment hub that keeps everyone engaged day long! This is one of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi especially if you are Ferrari lovers. This theme park has a host of 20 plus inspiring and exciting rides cum attractions for the entire family. Home to the pulsating “Turbo Track”, this is a place where you can experience back-to-back thrills, a vertical climb and Zero gravity drop together. This park also features “Formula Rossa” - world’s fastest roller coaster with an acceleration of 240km/h in 5 seconds, “Flying Aces” - the roller coaster having highest loop in the world, “Speed of Magic” that amplifies visitor’s excitement level with 4D VR technology, “Live Ferrari” shows and “Ferrari Gallery” with a huge collection of Ferrari Cars. Here little ones can also practice their driving skills with “Junior Grand Prix”. In addition, the Abu Dhabi Ferrari World features an array of Italian restaurants, Boutiques, retail outlets, and Ferrari stores. Altogether this amusement park can offer you a unique, one of a kind experience that you will talk for long!


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